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Teachers’ race

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VashtaNerada Sat 04-May-19 04:19:39

I am worrying myself sick about the sodding teachers’ race at sports day. I’m short, overweight and middle-aged, and definitely not a fast runner! I wouldn’t mind too much if it was a straight-forward race and I could get lost in the crowd, but it’s a relay race with only three year groups participating so I’ll feel quite public the whole time I’m running. Some of the other teachers are taking the whole thing VERY seriously and are proper runners, I just feel like I’ll be letting everyone down whilst humiliating myself in front of the children, colleagues and parents. God it’s so stupid but it’s really stressing me out. I’m torn between going for a jolly “it’s the taking part that counts” approach and just refusing to do it. Help.

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Tavannach Sat 04-May-19 05:07:36

Can you just tell someone how much it's stressing you out and ask to be excused? Or start some gentle exercise now?

LightDrizzle Sat 04-May-19 05:11:44

God! The horror!
Poor you, I really think it should be voluntary.
Isn’t your back just about to go?

Coldhandscoldheart Sat 04-May-19 05:13:16

If you definitely, definitely can’t get out of it (and frankly I’d be looking for a large hole to ‘twist my ankle in - here’s a picture of the hole, can you believe I didn’t see it’ the day before) then maybe own it - go for a costume, tutu, deeply boppers, clown shoes.

The further out of your normal ‘teaching’ character it is the better. Someone else will win, but everyone will remember you (which I know isn’t exactly what you want, but they’ll remember you for the funnies, not for the slow).

I sympathise though, I worried about mums’ races before I was even a parent!

Also - could be worse - our school had teachers races at a swimming gala

DumbledoresApprentice Sat 04-May-19 07:37:44

This is why I wear flip flops to sports day. grin I’m secondary so there’s usually more than enough staff who want to race in the staff vs Sixth Form relay teams but I do not want to be asked to step in because someone else has dropped out. A compulsory teacher race sounds like my idea of hell.

thebookeatinggirl Sat 04-May-19 07:47:50

How awful. Just say you're not doing that. Most schools have stopped them on H&S grounds, which I know seems a bit mimsy, but works in your favour here. I would NEVER take part in a teachers' race. It should be voluntary, or not at all.

TeenTimesTwo Sat 04-May-19 08:12:36

I think you should look at how your school does sports day.
There has been quite a thread running in AIBU re sports days.
If you feel bad running as a mature adult, how are the children who are less fit feeling about it?

Though as a relay race I think it is easier to get lost in the crowd as everyone is at different stages so it is less obvious of you are slower.

MaybeDoctor Sat 04-May-19 08:24:26

I think schools sometimes forget that they are also workplaces.

Employers should not be asking or even suggesting that members of staff take part in something like that.

(Bad memories of a staff vs lunchtime supervisor sports match surrounded by crowds of pupils. I was young and fit and managed to acquit myself ok, but it could have gone the other way in a hairsbreadth!)

Lemonsquinky Sat 04-May-19 08:34:56

My rule is be first or be last. It will be a good example for the children in your class on how it's important to try your best at things you find difficult. And you can be the mascot for all the children who find running hard.

Pud2 Sat 04-May-19 09:37:26

There’s absolutely no way you should feel pressured into running. That’s awful. There’s probably several teachers who are anxious about it for different reasons. There’s no way I would make my staff do this. You should just be able to say that you don’t feel comfortable with running the race and hopefully your colleagues will accept that without question. What a horrible situation to be put in.

BrigitsBigKnickers Sat 04-May-19 09:44:52

I would develop a limp a few weeks before-perhaps wear a knee support for effect!
Shame but can't possibly take part - doctors orders and all that! grin

VashtaNerada Sat 04-May-19 12:33:04

I have thought about bad back / limp etc but the trouble is I’ll have to recreate it every year with increasing amounts of imagination grin Still very divided! I might ask if I can get out of it and if it’s not looking good just put a brave face on it. Oh god oh god oh god.

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LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Sat 04-May-19 12:36:06

I would go for the comedy and get an emu costume or something daft like that. This is why I never did parents races - the sight of the moms in their running gear limbering up as if it was the olympics put me right off!

millimat Sat 04-May-19 12:39:46

I've never heard this being compulsory. Sorry but there's no way I'd do it. It would be mortifying.
I'd be explaining this to whichever member of slt I was most comfortable with.

DaveCoachesgavemetheclap Sat 04-May-19 13:01:09

I would never do that in a million years. Just refuse.

alwaystimeforcakeandtea Sat 04-May-19 13:48:09

Just refuse! No way should this be compulsory!

MrsKrabbapple Sat 04-May-19 13:54:20

I would go for comedy too. Costume or a massive water pistol to take down your competitors and the children.

Feenie Sat 04-May-19 13:57:17

We do a staff egg and spoon race. Only sporting medal I have ever won!

Russell19 Sat 04-May-19 16:16:39

At my school we are not made to race but someone normally suggests it on the day. We do something like egg and spoon which requires less speed! We are quite close knit staff and there's different people each year who joke and say they only run in emergencies! Can't you make it light hearted and say something similar? Or that you'll put everyone else to shame so you'll be the judge on the finish line or something?

You really shouldn't be feeling so pressured, just say!

TeaForTheWin Sat 04-May-19 16:21:13

Could you do it in a joking-fashion? Eg: Run in slow motion, then when you get to the hurdles, be like 'nah' and side step round them xD

ElizabethMainwaring Sun 05-May-19 07:30:29

I've been in that very position too. Just say I really don't want to do it, sorry, is that ok? They won't make you do it. Good luck. And don't do it.

Decormad38 Sun 05-May-19 07:34:08

It should not be compulsory. Just say you have a medical condition. If they ignore that then they could be in deep poo. They need reminding that they are not at school its a workplace!

upthewolves Sun 05-May-19 07:49:40

Ugh. Poor you! Just remember there will be children watching that will feel like this on every sports day etc and you can be a positive example for them of doing your best, being yourself and enjoying it. I know it's hard but I think it's a good thing for kids to see people of all shapes sizes and abilities enjoying sport and not being all about winning. They will cheer for you!

ElizabethMainwaring Sun 05-May-19 07:55:47

But she won't be enjoying it! Just because you are a teacher it doesn't mean that you have to do everything the kids are expected to. Op is an overweight, middle aged, professional woman (as am I).

SweetestSugar Sun 05-May-19 07:58:53

Come last on purpose and use it as a teachable moment in your classroom about how it is FINE to come last. You will be helping so many children if you can model that and talk about it afterwards.

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