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Part Time Teacher Report Writing

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monkeytoad35 Wed 24-Apr-19 20:36:55

The report writing season is looming and I'm just wondering if there are any part time teachers out there who can help me!

I'm 0.6 and my job share teacher has just left! If you are a part time teacher, how much of the reports are you expected to write? Should I be expected to write all of them in my own time or be given extra time given that I only work 3 days a week?

This is my first year of working part time and having to write reports. TIA

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BlueBuilding Wed 24-Apr-19 20:38:37

In your position I'd expect to write them all, but to be given some extra time out of class to do so.

millimat Wed 24-Apr-19 22:03:28

This happened to me. I wrote them all but was given time out of class to complete the other 0.4 part if that makes sense. I wouldn't have done them all if I had not been given time.

Rainuntilseptember Thu 25-Apr-19 18:05:21

I write all mine for my classes, but I have fewer classes (secondary) due to being in 3 days. If your partner was there, how many reports would you do? That’s your answer - anything else you can negotiate.

CraftyGin Fri 26-Apr-19 21:37:49

Do you consider yourself to be a professional?

lorisparkle Fri 26-Apr-19 21:58:40

When I taught .5 I did .5 of the paperwork- we did half the class each although other teachers in the same position did half the subjects each. Now I teach .7 but don't have a job share so I get the equivalent of a full time teachers PPA and do 100% of the paperwork. It is not ideal but it is the best option for now. In your situation I would speak to your line manager about some extra time to do the reports.

Rainuntilseptember Fri 26-Apr-19 22:00:56

Professional, as opposed to slave Craftygin?
There is nothing wrong with the OP asking employers for time to complete the unexpected extra task that’s just been dropped in her lap.

Passtherioja Fri 26-Apr-19 22:56:24

So who's going to teach the 0.4 part of your class?

Maybe you could do the core subjects if you've had them 0.6 all year and the 0.4 does the subjects they'll teach during the summer term - you can proof read each other's so that'll help.

thebookeatinggirl Sat 27-Apr-19 08:31:17

Primary reports tend to take a good hour each, especially if yo7 need to check learning that you didn't teach. So as a 'professional' being paid to work 3 days a week, should she just suck up that extra 12 hours of work Craftygin? What a ridiculous suggestion.

Definitely ask for time out of class if the school would like you to write all of them.

monkeytoad35 Sat 27-Apr-19 10:45:05

Thank you all for your replies, except for craftygin of course! grin I have spoken to my line manager and for the subjects that I don't teach, other members of staff will be completing those subjects on the reports. So I will be doing just 60% of them!wink

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CraftyGin Sat 27-Apr-19 20:53:58

Seriously, it is nitpicking to try to figure out who else should be doing this work.

As a school, you need to get reports out.

If a member of staff has left without doing reports, the next best person has to step up.

The head teacher can decide whether these reports need to be done, but usually they say they do.

Demarcation is never helpful. That is where the reminder of professionalism comes from. A professional does what needs to be done, even if they have to pinch their nose.

It looks like this circumstance is a one-off rather than an endemic problem, so just man-up.

MrsPandigital Sun 28-Apr-19 05:57:37

@CraftyGin YABU. Are you a professional?

thebookeatinggirl Sun 28-Apr-19 08:29:49

Crafty is a Secondary Science teacher in, I think, a private school, who has posted, often scathingly, about how she takes no work home at all in the evenings and weekends, but just works very hard during a long day. Ironic.

CraftyGin Sun 28-Apr-19 15:12:48


thebookeatinggirl Sun 28-Apr-19 16:09:40

It's ironic that a Secondary teacher who works in an environment that allows you to do no work at home should be advising a part-time primary colleague to 'man up' and be 'professional' about taking on a huge unpaid for additional workload burden that would have to be completed in evenings or weekends.

CraftyGin Sun 28-Apr-19 16:24:30

It’s not huge though, and who else should do it?

millimat Sun 28-Apr-19 16:29:38

Crafty, it IS huge! I have 32 to write and reckon they take 1.5 hours each. After that they need proof reading then all data goes on. So maybe 50 hours on top of the usual weekly workload.
Sorry but primary report writing is different to secondary.

Holidayshopping Sun 28-Apr-19 16:33:56

In one school I worked in, the class teacher left at Easter and they paid the TA extra to write them allconfused.

I would expect to write them all but would ask for a day out to do so.

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