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Behaviour mentor - would you?

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Treezylover Thu 18-Apr-19 10:37:58

I work in a strategic role in tertiary Ed, and would really like to get back to my previous work with kids, but don’t really want to train as a teacher. I’ve previously worked with young people with behavioural difficulties and it was my most rewarding job, but that was over ten years ago. Have seen this role advertised locally- thought I’d ask the experts whether, knowing what you know about school behaviour, you think it would be a soul destroying or life affirming move?!

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noblegiraffe Thu 18-Apr-19 16:47:44

If you’ve worked with young people with behavioural difficulties before then you should know what you’ll be up against?

Be careful, ‘behaviour mentor’ could mean very different things in different schools. In some schools it may be more of a pastoral counselling role, in others they may be looking for a sergeant major type.

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