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Looking around a school - how do I explain why...

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millimat Fri 29-Mar-19 04:36:48

I want to move from my current school?
I've been where I am for nearly 20 years but have had enough. Bureaucracy and the never-ending list of jobs that keep being added to my day to day role have dragged me down too much. I doubt I've got a chance at this new school against nqts but am going to give it a shot.

What do I say if they ask me why I want to move? Also, what questions do I need to ask? It's been a long time since I did anything like this!

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OMGIwonacar Fri 29-Mar-19 05:25:04

It's like any other job. You need a change. A new perspective. New faces. New colleagues. Good luck!

Chottie Sat 30-Mar-19 06:10:18

Want a fresh challenge, looking for promotion, opportunity to develop new strategies, work with different year group......

roaringwater Sat 30-Mar-19 08:07:24

And they won't necessarily ask.

MsJaneAusten Sat 30-Mar-19 15:18:58

You shouldn't need to explain why you want to leave your current school; focus on why you're interested in the new school instead.

fruityb Sat 30-Mar-19 15:22:47

New challenge; fresh start; you feel you’ve done all you can at your current place.

I have a new job in September and said all that. What I really wanted to say was “I’m sick of being undermined by a certain member of SLT, who has kids who use his office like a youth club and is stretched so thin he’s doing lots of jobs really badly instead of a few really well”.

Good luck!

millimat Sat 30-Mar-19 15:51:42

Fruity, that's exactly what I'd want to say! Tbh I doubt I stand a chance against nqts but I'm giving it a go. Is nothing else it will shock slt in my school to realising I'm not happy.

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fruityb Sat 30-Mar-19 16:09:15

I hoped that as well - I’m one of the longer serving members at our place and I just cannot stand it any more. We get told one thing and then they go and do another or tell one kid it’s ok - it’s so frustrating day after day hearing “but Mr Smith said I could”. How can you work with that!

I reckon our place will see a mass exodus if things don’t change soon - it’s just shite right now!

Oh and the two people that were hired on my interview were me at 12 years and another at 16. The two NQTs were sent home. So it’s not necessarily the end of the world there.

mummyhaschangedhername Sat 30-Mar-19 16:11:11

As a Governor it's certainly not something I would ask. I think just saying something like new challenges and experiences is enough.

Melancholymuffin Mon 08-Apr-19 09:16:56

I’m looking too - I’ve gone with ‘my current school unfortunately doesn’t have positions available to help me progress in my career’

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