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Interviews... keep getting pipped at the post by NQTs!

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Teaandtoastie Fri 22-Mar-19 20:52:00

I came to teaching late, I’m 40 and I qualified 2 years ago. My fixed term post is coming to an end so I’m doing the interview rounds. Three interviews so far and each time it’s been 5 trainees and me- they give the job to one of the NQTs every time!

I always get good feedback- how can I make myself stand out? Am I just too old next to all these new and shiny (and slightly cheaper) twentysomethings? 😫

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OKBobble Fri 22-Mar-19 20:54:28

Not too old - its all about the money! They are cheaper!!

leccybill Fri 22-Mar-19 20:56:33

Not massively cheaper though if you've only been qualified two years. Schools should bite your hand off knowing you've had recent experience, don't need mentoring or extra PPA.

OKBobble Fri 22-Mar-19 20:58:55

But remember they get an extra cash handout for each nqt they take as well as the salary saving.

Teaandtoastie Fri 22-Mar-19 21:00:49

leccybill that’s what I thought, next year I’ll only be on M3 which isn’t a huge difference, surely? I always try to big up my recent Y11 teaching experience, involvement with school activities etc in interviews.

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Teaandtoastie Fri 22-Mar-19 21:08:13

OKBobble do they, I hadn’t realised that...

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Ella1980 Fri 22-Mar-19 23:29:16

I'm an MPS6 with 15 years of teaching experience looking for a class teacher role. Impossible with such tight budgets in education and so many NQT's about!!! sad

AnnieCat84 Sat 23-Mar-19 07:10:44

We'd love some experienced teachers to apply at our school! It's only ever fresh NQTs who require a whole load more support...

Ella1980 Sat 23-Mar-19 11:00:16


That's reassuring ☺ I just feel all the time in a lot of schools things are currently so tight financially that they have no choice but to take on NQTs.

Missmarplesknitting Sat 23-Mar-19 11:05:47

Yeah, the financial situation makes it harder.

So, you need to make the difference worth it for the school: what else can you offer? I teach three subjects (Humanities!) which makes me flexible timetabling wise. At interview you need to emphasise how far you've come and how the school would benefit from having you on board. Any extra curricular things you can do?

The lesson needs to knock it out the park too, showcasing a few years experience Vs an NQT.

I got a job at UPS so there's jobs out there, it's about demonstrating you are good value.

Ella1980 Sat 23-Mar-19 11:14:59


Are you secondary? It's hard in primary to show timetabling flexibility because all teachers pretty much teach all of the subjects.

Holidayshopping Sat 23-Mar-19 11:20:02

I’m UPS3-things really really don’t get any better.

If you are reading this and taking about going into teaching-think twice!

The system will welcome you (and your £9000) in and give you a job, it will drain every millilitre of life out of you, and will then hang you out to dry a couple of years, in exchange for another NQT.

Ella1980 Sat 23-Mar-19 11:24:31


I couldn't agree with you more. Jobs are ridiculously hard to get if you're not an NQT, and then when you are in work the hours are beyond ridiculous!

NinnieNouse Sat 23-Mar-19 11:24:41

I have an interview on Tuesday. I feel sick with nerves and hadn’t even considered the whole not an NQT thing as being a weakness confused

Holidayshopping Sat 23-Mar-19 11:27:06

I have an interview on Tuesday. I feel sick with nerves and hadn’t even considered the whole not an NQT thing as being a weakness confused

Good luck with the interview! Are you MPS?

Ella1980 Sat 23-Mar-19 11:31:47

I think these budgetary cuts by government are going to have an enormous detrimental knock-on effect in time. It is fact that lots of schools are being forced not to consider the quality of the candidate but simply how cheap they are. This is bound to negatively impact OFSTED outcomes and then Heads will be condemned even more than they already are now.

Holidayshopping Sat 23-Mar-19 12:10:50

I completely agree-we are having part timers replaced with TAs and short term supply rather than permanent staff just so the school can pay as little as possible.

If I was a parent and My child had a 3 day a week teacher topped up with a TAnfor the other two, I’d be livid!

Missmarplesknitting Sat 23-Mar-19 12:11:51

Yes I'm secondary.

NinnieNouse Sat 23-Mar-19 12:18:55

Yeah I’m MPS. Have switched jobs since no longer being an NQT, I hadn’t really considered this before thought having experience would make me more employable.

Ella1980 Sat 23-Mar-19 13:04:55


Guess it depends what MPS you're on? I'm still on MPS6 after 15 years in teaching which in itself is a joke. However, it still makes me over £10k more expensive than an an NQT.

It is such a sad state of affairs that the government are again messing up education.

I myself was made redundant after 12 years of working in the same primary as they simply could not afford me. They employed an NQT instead a few months later. She lasted a year.

I've viewed a lot of schools recently and they tend to be filled with NQTs. HLTAs are also bring used frequently to teach classes and cover PPA, it's happening in my son's primary school now. Some of these HLTA's are amazing btw, I'm not disputing that.

The fact that I have loads of experience across all year groups and also with high-level SEN unfortunately is an irrelevance for cash-strapped schools.

NinnieNouse Sat 23-Mar-19 13:28:53

@Ella I’m so sorry to hear that! It’s an impossible situation isn’t it! They are begging for teachers but only while we’re cheap!

Teaandtoastie Sat 23-Mar-19 13:47:52

I’m in secondary- this year I’ve been teaching pshe and citizenship as well as my subject (MFL)- I kind of thought this might go against me so haven’t mentioned it much, maybe I’ll bring it up in my next interview (Tuesday!) . I’ve really tried to big up the extra things I’ve done- trips, extra curricular activities, teaching Y11 and getting a few grade 9s, and this year I’ll be marking GCSE exams too.

I’m on M2 now so would be going onto M3 in Sept ideally- the difference between that and M1 is around 4 grand.... so I guess I have to make myself seem 4 grand better than the others!

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shishnfips Sat 23-Mar-19 14:57:41

Have a look at private schools

hels71 Sat 23-Mar-19 15:58:45

I sympathise! I have been teaching for over 20 years, 13 in my current school. all the end can offer me for next September is 3/4 doing PPA cover as a teacher and the rest of the week being a TA. (who will be expected to cover absence as can not afford supply.) don't know what to do for the best as chances of getting new job are slim...

hels71 Sat 23-Mar-19 16:00:06

All the head, not end. Not sure what happened there! and 3/4 of a day.

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