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As a teacher, what do you expect from the parents?

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Mumofcrazy2 Sun 10-Mar-19 21:56:05

Just that really.

I have a ds4, who is due to start school this September. I didn't realise with ds13 that reading at home with him was so important. I really feel I should of done more with him but also wish the teachers had recommended I did so.

Is there anything else, you as teachers can suggest that I should encourage at home?
Thank you

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BackforGood Sun 10-Mar-19 23:48:51

Talk to them
Listen to them
Ask them questions about their day.
Help them learn independence - particularly with dressing selves - not just 'can they put their jumper on?' but can they pull a sleeve through and get it ready to put on? Can they check their name tag in the back of their neck to check it is theirs? Do they automatically put gloves in their pockets? Scarf in their sleeve? can they work out how to get their shoes on the right feet? Do they know how to check their trousers are the right way round ? Can they open their lunch box? The lid off their yoghurt?
Read them stories. Talk to them about things you see - just when you are out and about.... nature, seasons, weather, traffic, diggers, pets, insects, puddles, shops. Cook with them. Use numbers in real situations - getting 6 apples to put in your shopping trolley or getting 4 forks out the drawer for your tea. Play board games (great for 'counting on').
Make sure they get enough sleep. Make sure they arrive on time.

PaleBlueChiffon Mon 11-Mar-19 18:19:01

Independence, resilience and manners.
- not dropping things on the floor because they'll be picked up after them
- how to approach an adult for help without interrupting
- how to take a telling

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