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Really concerned about 12 year old son

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Immel88 Sun 03-Mar-19 20:12:09

Hi don’t know if this is a ok place to post I’m getting really worried about my 12 year old ds.

Last weekend my ds was caught shoplifting at local supermarket won’t name. I had to take him for a volentry police interview / chat on Monday evening he was really scared and anxious. Both the security and police were brilliant With him to be fair they could see son was scared and anxious and knew he did wrong thankfully he was only given a telling off. They went through why he did it and what the coneiquences should of been.

But since then ds has been really shy and his confidence has been shattered what should I do ?? Even at his football game earlier he wasn’t his normal self very low on confidence other parents / his team mates could see this aswell.

He also insists on wearing full tracksuits so I’ve bought him a couple of grey Slazenger ones from sports direct would that be a phase ??

He’s a really good kid and he never really gets into any trouble at home or at school. Last weekend was so out of character

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Muddysnowdrop Sun 03-Mar-19 22:58:23

His confidence has been shattered for a whole week following being caught shoplifting? I don’t see the problem.

cauliflowersqueeze Sat 09-Mar-19 21:23:56

He will build himself back up again. It’s good he’s been put back in his box for the moment.

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