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Maternity and notice period.

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Thestral Thu 28-Feb-19 19:00:23

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help with this.

I'm currently on maternity, due to return mid May. I'm currently applying for a job elsewhere which, if I was successful, would start in September (it's not in a school however).

By my calculation, I could potentially hand in my notice on May 31st, and work the rest of the term, and then "work" the summer holidays, with an end date of 31st August which would be 13 weeks, so I wouldn't have to pay any maternity pay back.

Does anyone know if this is ok, or would my last working day have to actually be a working day, so to speak?

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AngelaHodgeson Thu 28-Feb-19 19:53:07

As I understand it your last working day is the last day you are contracted to. So if you hand in notice before 31st May your last day will be 31st August. I was using up annual leave for my official last working day at a previous job. Hopefully someone with school specific experience will be able to confirm.

FourCandelabras Fri 01-Mar-19 06:21:42

Yes I did this, it’s all perfectly fine as long as you’re clear in your resignation letter that 31st August is your last day of employment.
And if at all possible let them know before 31st May, so they have a chance to recruit to replace you. (Much kinder to the school, and as a result they’ll probably make your final working weeks more pleasant too!)

crystal92 Fri 01-Mar-19 06:31:19

The cut off date in most schools for leaving employment on 31st August is May half term. It's not usually calculated by number of weeks. Your contract will make the minimum notice period clear.

Telling them before May 31st is on balance the fairest option - they do need to have the option of replacing you and appointing after that date is usually very difficult. I know it's not right, but I can imagine quite a frosty atmosphere with colleagues if you're basically leaving it until June to tell them.

Thestral Fri 01-Mar-19 19:49:59

Thank you so much for replies.

Interviews for new job aren't until May 15th, obviously if successful I would tell school ASAP. It's all a bit close for my liking, it it's my dream job so I can't not apply!

Maybe I won't get an interview and it'll be a moot point anyway!

Thanks all.

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