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Schools direct interview lesson

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IrisJoy Mon 04-Feb-19 14:59:46

Hi all. I have just been told I have an interview for schools direct. Which is great. I have been told I need to do a 30 min lesson on shapes. This is for primary. Dotn know what year yet, and not asking for help planning. But I presume what they are expecting is 10 mins ish in the carpet (during which time I will hopefully be able to establish whereabouts the children are with their shape knowledge)
Then some time doing an exercise that I will have prepared. With me jabjng an extension exercise ready for the more able pupils.
Will I be expected to use the white board? Will I have a TA in there?

Any hints or tips for the day hugely appreciated.

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IrisJoy Mon 04-Feb-19 18:35:33

Anyone? grin

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Ava1988 Mon 04-Feb-19 18:48:07

Encouraging pupil discussion is something that's being pushed at the moment. For a starter could you have a mixture of shapes on the board with the question...which one is the odd one out... Some pupils might choose a shape because it's a different colour or has a different amount of sides or is a different size. Keep it open ended.

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