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3 day teacher or 4 day HOD?

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Mississippilessly Tue 29-Jan-19 13:11:05

I've been a full time HOD for 2 years. Currently on mat leave. I have asked for a job share when I return as the lady covering me is staying on as 2 i/c. The head said no. My choices are 4 days as HOD or I can do 3 days as a teacher. If i want i can keep my options open for another year - so go back as 3 days with the opportunity to say i want my job back at the end of the year.
I just dont know what to do. What have other people done? How did you find it? Thanks.

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jamoncrumpets Tue 29-Jan-19 13:15:10

This is why I left teaching. The inflexibility at secondary is ridiculous.

Mississippilessly Tue 29-Jan-19 13:22:01

I really thought they would consider a job share. It seems so unfair.
What did you switch to?

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PotteringAlong Tue 29-Jan-19 13:23:46

I went from head of faculty to 3 days as a teacher. It was amazing. I’m currently doing full time head of faculty again (and hiding in a cupboard at the minute just having 5 mins at lunchtime grin ) and cannot wait for get my 3 days a week back next year.

Mississippilessly Tue 29-Jan-19 13:35:34

Thanks Pottering. What are your career aims if you dont mind me asking?

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PotteringAlong Tue 29-Jan-19 17:29:00

Honestly? To get through it with my sanity in tact. I have 3 very young children (am currently sitting at swimming lessons!) and a DH who is a member of SLT. At the minute I am happy being a class teacher and whilst it’s been ok doing it this year (a late appointment meant that school asked me
To take over the HoF this year rather than fill it with anyone and they will advertise for sept) it’s been no more than ok and I don’t want to do it going forward.

So I’m going to reassess my career in about 5 years time grin

Mississippilessly Tue 29-Jan-19 17:36:57

Haha thanks.

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likeafishneedsabike Tue 29-Jan-19 21:29:10

I tried doing HoD on 4 days and it wasn't great. It's not like you can really do the job of department leader on a part time basis, is it? You kind of have to be on the ground in the midst of it all. I would say either return as full time HoD or as a part time teacher.

likeafishneedsabike Tue 29-Jan-19 21:30:26

The fact that they are offering to keep the HoD job open for you beyond maternity leave means that they must think very highly of you!

millimat Tue 29-Jan-19 22:50:52

What if you are to play devil's advocate and say that get your request or you will leave? Would they rethink?

Mississippilessly Tue 29-Jan-19 23:17:08

millimat Head doesn't respond well to that. A few colleagues have done the 'most rise or I will hi' and he has happily shown them the door. I find him very fair usually, he isn't one to be given an ultimatum to.

I'm just so disappointed. My friend has just gone back as an assistant head as a job share. I dobr see why it isn't possible.

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millimat Tue 29-Jan-19 23:20:17

OK well it was just a thought. I tried this and it worked, but I was only requesting as a class teacher not hod.

Mississippilessly Tue 29-Jan-19 23:24:50

I could try again I suppose and hint at leaving...

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