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Pearson Power Maths

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Bundlebuns Sun 27-Jan-19 05:41:52

Hi, I posted in primary education but didn't get any responses. Hoping I'll have more luck here. Any advice would be really appreciated, thank you.

DS (5) needs some extra support with his Y1 maths. At the recent parents evening I was told the school are now using Pearson Power Maths. I looked through his practice book and it's clear he's getting quite a bit wrong. However most of his wrong answers don't seem to have been revisited or corrected. The practice books are only £2 on Amazon so I wondered whether I should get one to go through at home? Is anyone on here familiar with the Power Maths approach?

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MrsB81 Sun 27-Jan-19 21:34:42

Power Maths follows the White Rose Maths scheme - are you familiar with this? I have copies of the practice books that I sometimes use with the children I teach. I don’t see the harm in buying a copy of the book and working through it with your son. Are the school supporting him too?

Bundlebuns Mon 28-Jan-19 05:05:32

Hi, thanks for your response. I'm not a teacher and I'm not familiar with White Rose Maths. When I spoke to his teacher she told me not to worry - DS just isn't a natural at maths. So there's no extra support from the school. I suppose I just want to be sure he's understanding the basics which I can see he got wrong in the Power Maths practice book. I'm worried he'll fall quickly behind if he's not revisited these questions. Am I likely to be able to support him at home using our own Power Maths practice book if I'm not familiar with the scheme?

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MrsB81 Mon 28-Jan-19 06:21:08

I’d say that it would do no harm to get the book. You could also do lots of practising the basics- number bonds to 10 (5+5 / 3+7 etc) and addition and subtraction facts (4+5/ 8-1 etc). There are loads of fun games online (topmarks is a good website). Knowing those basics with quick recall is half the battle to be able to be confident with maths xx

Bundlebuns Mon 28-Jan-19 08:00:26

Okay, I've ordered the first practice book now. Have also checked out Topmarks - it looks brilliant! What a great resource... thank you for your suggestions smile

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noblegiraffe Mon 28-Jan-19 10:35:44

When I spoke to his teacher she told me not to worry - DS just isn't a natural at maths.

Argh. He will get more and more natural at maths the more maths he does. Just like everything else, it’s something he will get better at with practice, so going over the basics at home is an excellent idea.

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