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If this was your school what would you expect to happen?

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Bridgeofthefuture Sat 26-Jan-19 08:16:49

Hi guys I've been advised to post over here for advice.

A couple of months ago a new child started at DDS school who according to the child herself had been expelled from at least two other schools for attacking teachers and pupils.

Predictably she has started the same behaviour here. We had weeks where my (SN) child was personally disrupted in class constantly causing sensory overload and the child physically attacked other pupils, disrupted mock exams and threatened others including pulling her finger across her throat.
The children complaining about being physically attacked were told she had had a hard life and they needed to give her a break, when she stuck her fingers up at them excuses were made again. The child herself says she is the princess of school and no one can touch her and she can attack them and nothing will be done. At one point she was openly talking about who she was going to attack that day.

It got to the point that my SN Dd didn't feel safe to attend school and I contacted school and spoke to the head.
I was assured everything was being done to safeguard and prevent disruption and that my child wouldn't be put near her. The senco has been brilliant and has really stepped up to make everything as smooth as possible for DD.

All staff in school have been told by
senco my child isn't allowed near her including in a group with her in class.
In the last two weeks alone this child has on three occasions been put in a small group or partners with my DD, has threatened to kick and assault my DD, has thrown a pencil at her, assaulted other pupils etc.
She is still kicking off in class and disrupting (year 11) lessons.

Tonight she has waited outside of school for my SN child and started kicking off at her making up lies that my DD had been talking about her and getting in DDS face. Another child saw and came to rescue DD. I've no doubt what so ever based on her previous behaviour that she would have attacked DD if the other child hadn't come.

I've utterly had enough.
What can i now do going forward? What would you expect done in your school?

My child should be worrying about just her GCSE exams and not whether they will be disrupted by said child or if she will attack her sad

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Acopyofacopy Sat 26-Jan-19 15:57:08

You need to make an official complaint, following the school’s complaint procedure, which should be on the school’s website.
As you have already raised this with school and they have failed to follow their own suggestions I would mention that you are considering other options (LEA, police, press).
School have to protect your vulnerable dd and they are failing to do so.
I would not be impressed if this was happening at my school and would be apoplectic if this was happening to my own children!

MaisyPops Sun 27-Jan-19 11:43:14

I would be really cross OP and start going through the school's formal complaints procedure.

Normally if a student is like this and It's a managed move then the school would have terminated the managed move long before it got to this point, which leads me to guess that this new student might be in care and the move to the new school might be linked to issues in that area. It might also link to the student claiming they are untouchable in school too.

Ultimately, the school have a duty to ensure students can be educated and safe. At the moment they are not ensuring that's the case. If need be, the child who is being disruptive should be isolated and have additional support put around them rather than expecting the majority of students to be negatively affected by one student.

Bridgeofthefuture Mon 28-Jan-19 11:04:06

Thank you.
I grew up with parents who fostered so I do have massive sympathy for the sentiments of keeping kids in school who clearly have issues and keeping continuity but not at the detriment of my child's well being and exams.

I've made an official complaint. They haven't contacted me as yet but DD text and said the girl says she can't remember threatening DD even though there was a witness.
She has been according to DD 'told off' and told to stay away from DD but that's it .

At this stage I am not happy with that tbh.

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