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Head teacher hates me

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nannytothequeen Tue 22-Jan-19 12:21:33

Well that's it really. He is so critical of me and takes every opportunity to undermine me and criticise. I came to the school with an extra unit worth $6000 for being a skilled teacher. Now he is refusing to sign off the verification form for this year as he says I don't fulfill the criteria. Yet he won't discuss this or tell me where he believes I am weak. Just that he doesn't support the unit. I had the most terrible year last year. My mum died, I was newly out of a long marriage with my ex having left me and the kids for an OW, I was hospitalised with pneumonia twice, yet I battled through with no support at home or work and constant pressure to attend endless evening meetings. The head never once offered support. I think he's trying to get rid of me, isn't he?

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Seniorschoolmum Tue 22-Jan-19 12:29:44

Maybe he is struggling with the budget and sees it as a way of paying you less, but knows he’s in the wrong, which is why he won’t engage with you.

Not sure about hating you, maybe he just doesn’t do emotional support. My boss is a reasonable boss but would poke sticks in his own eyes rather than touch on anything emotional.

nannytothequeen Tue 22-Jan-19 12:52:41

The unit is paid centrally. It doesn't affect his budget at all.

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Seniorschoolmum Tue 22-Jan-19 12:55:45

Does he feel threatened by you maybe?

nannytothequeen Tue 22-Jan-19 13:13:23

Oh. Actually I don't know. Maybe. I also think he enjoys power.

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noblegiraffe Tue 22-Jan-19 16:17:08

Have you got any sort of written contract/agreement about the money?

Do you actually meet the criteria? I’d contact your union for advice.

nannytothequeen Tue 22-Jan-19 20:20:02

The unit needs verifying each year. It's his job to verify it. In terms of meeting the criteria, that's quite subjective. But he has not discussed this with me nor explained. He is just refusing.

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PurpleDaisies Tue 22-Jan-19 20:21:29

Education budgets are horrendous at the moment. Try not to take it personally.

Have you spoken to your union?

PurpleDaisies Tue 22-Jan-19 20:22:37

What is this “unit”?

nannytothequeen Tue 22-Jan-19 21:07:50

It's a unit of payment. Worth $6000. Paid centrally. Nothing to do with his budget. I teach overseas where teachers pay does not come from a school budget. It is personal.

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echt Wed 23-Jan-19 09:07:13

Speak to your union.

In the mean time, conduct everything by email. If you have a face-to face meeting, take notes, and check back with him that X is what he said.

Cattus Wed 23-Jan-19 09:09:10

Do you belong to a teacher’s union?

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