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Talk for writing

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everycloud30 Wed 16-Jan-19 19:47:27

KS1 here. How would you go about a talk lesson for retelling a story? A total ban on writing all together?

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OpiningGambit Wed 16-Jan-19 20:17:09

I've done it in KS2, so feel free to ignore. We would tell them the story and talk about it, getting them to remember the key points. Then give them the story on paper (with KS1 I would use more images etc) so they can refer to it. For challenge you could have fewer words or only pictures or fewer prompts.

The children tell each other the story. They might alternate using 'yes and' or similar. So:
Child A: The three little pigs walked down the road
Child B: Yes, and the first pig saw a pile of straw!
Child A: Yes, and the pig said "I will build a house from this straw".

Then as a class make actions to go with each part, especially key adjectives, or key SPaG you're trying to teach. So eg:
"*The littlest* [fingers very close] pig [make pig snout] was very scared [bite nails] because [you could have a sign for 'because' as well, to help them remember] the wolf [scary face with claws] *was outside.*"
And recite it as a whole class. For bonus points, do it once through after lunch or in early work to keep it fresh.

Basically getting them to learn it almost by heart.

everycloud30 Wed 16-Jan-19 20:22:42

That's helpful thank you

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