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Taking a career break - anyone tried it?

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CheesecakeAddict Sun 13-Jan-19 19:38:57

I have been back at work after mat leave a while and not been enjoying it. I've barely been breaking even just with the cost of childcare and now with the new train fares, I'm going to work at a financial loss. I'm thinking of taking several years out to finish my family and get them into school. But am I going to render myself totally unemployable? I'm currently head of a shortage subject but obviously I can't rely on that being the case forever.

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astuz Sun 13-Jan-19 21:46:15

I teach chemistry, took a career break for 2 years, then started doing bits of supply in my 3rd year out. I kept up my exam marking, which I've been doing for years. I didn't have any problems getting a job afterwards. I've taught in 3 schools though since I came back, because the first 2 were awful (the usual crap - bullying management, poor behaviour etc.). I managed 2 terms in each one before I thought "sod them" and walked. I was either the only candidate or one of 2 candidates at every interview.

My current school is lovely, so hopefully it will stay that way and I can work there until I retire!

Mistressiggi Sun 13-Jan-19 23:42:34

Where do you work? In Scotland we are entitled to apply for a break of up to 5 years (unpaid obviously) and have a job - though not necessarily the one we left - at the end of it. Schools do not have to agree to it. Shorter ones of one-two years seem more common.

Rathkelter Thu 17-Jan-19 20:57:58

I found it boring after a while. A colleague told me I'd probably want to do something other than childcare after DC was 18mo and although I didn't believe her at the time, she was right. I did some work from home for a friend's company whilst on my career break but I did miss being part of a team. I missed the structure and salary.
I went back into teaching after about 4 yrs. People who started at the same time as I did (originally) or later had moved to interesting promotions where I haven't as I'm part time. I might eventually, but there was a price to pay for misding those years.
On the flip side, I'm glad I had time with the babies. And I still take them to school.

CheesecakeAddict Thu 17-Jan-19 21:54:10

That's given me some food for thought. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I'm ttc at the moment so let's see how I feel after no.2 😅

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TheFallenMadonna Thu 17-Jan-19 21:58:03

I took 5 years out of teaching Science. Did a Psychology degree to give me something to talk about! Went back as a maternity leave cover and was HoD within two years.

Rathkelter Fri 18-Jan-19 12:06:27

I should add, I did go back to being Hod within 2 years but it was too difficult part time and too stressful. Where I mentioned other people's promotions-above- they were things like AHT, DHT or stuff with trainees and NQTs, not just more of the same!
I think you'd get work again esp in a shortage subject, OP.

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