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New TA job

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CakeBeTheFoodOfLove Wed 26-Dec-18 08:44:53

Starting as a TA in a secondary school after Christmas, never done anything like this. Any words of wisdom on how to get off on the right foot with both teachers and kids?

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PollyEthel Wed 26-Dec-18 09:27:10

Play it straight. Don't try and be a mate to anyone (staff or pupils) on your first day, let relationships develop - though obviously be nice/helpful!Don't let obviously poor behaviour go. Try to learn as much as you can by asking questions, as there will likely be very little in the way of induction/training. Use your common sense!

ohreallyohreallyoh Wed 26-Dec-18 16:31:10

Where possible - lesson before break/lunch - hang back and ask the teacher how you can best help. Discuss class generally and ask where they would like you to focus your efforts. That’s assuming you’re not following a specific child?

CakeBeTheFoodOfLove Wed 26-Dec-18 16:36:13

No specific child, just go where I'm asked to.

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Greentent Wed 26-Dec-18 20:12:54

I hope you love the job as much as I do. No two lessons are the same, no two teachers are the same and no two students are the same so you have to be very flexible, open minded, creative and easy going. You will also learn loads! Much of my time is spent listening to the lesson and then trying to help the students that haven't listened or understood.... this is fine in Year 7 Maths but can be extremely difficult in Yr11 Physics or Chemistry!!! Always ask the class teacher for guidance or the answers if necessary. Some teachers will be great at differentiating the work and others won't. Year 11 Physics and Chemistry is not compatible with some students! Try and help the students to be as independent as possible - it's not about doing the work for them. I also spend a lot of time trying to coax reluctant/anxious students into lessons. It can be very rewarding to have a positive impact on students who are struggling. Try and build positive relationships. If there are big issues then pass them on to teachers or head of year etc. Don't take any rudeness or disrespect - diffuse with humour, have words or refer to higher authority. If you have any more questions then feel free to pm me.

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