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How dangerous is it to allow my ht to scapegoat me unchallenged?

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theduchessstill Wed 12-Dec-18 06:23:14

I'm a HoD and my department has just had a mock OFSTED. Reading the report it's clear the HT is looking to scapegoat us for the poor results in the school, despite the fact that we are not the worst (though we are the worst of the 3 core subjects, though not far away from the others) and the results of the whole school have been on a downward trend for 3 years since he took over

I've been in post for three years (at the school for much longer) and this is the first year we've been nearly fully staffed. Last year we were half a department down. Anyone reading the report would assume I've done absolutely nothing to improve things. It's not harsh as such, but full of shit like 'the HoD is aware of the issues' etc and therefore makes me seem weak and passive.

I'm not perfect by any means but I've worked myself nearly into the ground for that place and it's not even acknowledged, never mind appreciated. I've put so much in place that was missing before and I know that things are better than before I took over but there are lmits to what you can do when nearly all of KS3 and most of Y10 is being delivered by supply and there is no other TLR holder . I know this has been done to show OFSTED so he can try and save his own skin, but we are likely to go into a category if they come and could well be taken over.

My main question is that while this is obviously grossly unfair and damaging to my morale, does it actually matter in terms of my career? Would anyone read it and take it at its word? In other words, do I just nod and smile, or do I insist it's amended? I'm so tired now and just want to get to the end of term and do my best for my team and the students rather than wasting energy on this bullshit, but is it professional suicide not to make a stand?

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Cat0115 Wed 12-Dec-18 06:38:27

Mocksteads are hideous. Ofsted are moving away from outcomes being the sole driver so can you show cultural capital in the curriculum? Head needs reminding that results come holistically. If you are suffering from supply plugging the gaps then they are being grossly unfair. Can you get an expert eye in from outside? Are you part of a Mat? Get a Hod in the same subject to come and give you honest but not a gendered advice?

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