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Lunch time staffing ratios

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Sohumdrum Tue 04-Dec-18 21:46:38

I am training to be a ta. No qualifications in education or childcare at all. Expected to look after approx 20 reception class and 8 preschool children on outdoor lunch duty for 45 minutes alone. This includes supervising toilet trips and administering basic first aid at the same time.

Really feeling out of my depth at times especially due to some children having various sen. Is this normal or is it just something I need to get used to?

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ajw88 Tue 04-Dec-18 22:04:29

Not sure what the 'rules' say but it definitely does happen in schools. I was under the impression you needed smaller ratios for EYFS though.

imip Tue 04-Dec-18 22:09:14

This is about standard for lunchtime ime. While training to be a TA, I have done similar.

DelphiniumBlue Tue 04-Dec-18 22:12:09

Not ok. Most schools have at least 2 adults on duty. This is a safeguarding issue. As you say, it needs more than 1 just to deal with toilet visits and first aid. What would you do if there was a serious accident?
Speak to your union. And if you're not in one, this is exactly why you need to join one. It's really essential if you work in a school .

Sohumdrum Tue 04-Dec-18 22:37:29

It's the preschool pupils ratio in particular that worried me and my lack of any qualification.

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imip Wed 05-Dec-18 06:50:42

In my situation it would have only been in emergencies (staff illness) and not standard, but definitely a lack of decent funding means that situations like this often arise.

IceRebel Wed 05-Dec-18 07:00:06

but definitely a lack of decent funding means that situations like this often arise.

Agreed. Whilst the situation isn't ideal it's becoming more and more common. The trouble is jobs in schools are always in demand, so if you quit or complain about it, there would always be someone willing to replace you. sad

Also as an aside are you first aid trained?

Sohumdrum Wed 05-Dec-18 08:00:17

No first aid training and an independent school.

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IceRebel Wed 05-Dec-18 08:09:34

No first aid training would worry me much more than the ratio. If a child had a serious accident you are being left to be the fall guy, as you won't know the correct procedures / actions. shock

KeysHairbandNotepad Wed 05-Dec-18 08:20:48

It doesn't sound right to me , as a pp mentioned , you need at least two for safeguarding. Also you need to stop doing first aid until you are trained.

If I were you I'd speak to my line manager about it. If that fails then go to the head teacher. Express your concerns about the safety of the children , as they are valid.

I have seen this happen in other schools though , and ime they always 'find' another person (or two) when ofsted are visiting.

IceRebel Wed 05-Dec-18 08:42:47

they always 'find' another person (or two) when ofsted are visiting.

Yes, it's very convenient isn't it. hmm

KeysHairbandNotepad Wed 05-Dec-18 08:49:46

@IceRebel indeed it is.

So many schools prioritise being seen to do the right thing , rather than actually doing it. Don't be complicit op!

ajw88 Wed 05-Dec-18 17:41:25

If it's an independent school you don't need to be a qualified TA (or teacher). But not having first aid qualifications and being responsible is concerning.

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