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EIS help needed

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Downbutnotoutyet Sun 25-Nov-18 18:12:51

We don’t have a rep in our school. Headteacher and management have pretty well destroyed me. They break confidences, have you walking on eggshells as you never know when you are to be given your head in your hands or humiliated in front of others, never give feedback, promise support but it never materialises. In three years I have never been told anything positive or felt they even care. Their people skills are awful and I simply can’t take it anymore. I wouldn’t get a reference from any of them. I wouldn’t want to ask to be honest. How do I get out of the school I am in? I have two decades of experience and I have never felt so useless or of so little value. I am at the stage I will move anywhere. I just want to teach. But how do I get the confidence to fill in application forms when I feel so low and without references? There is something wrong, surely, that management can make someone feel so bad and there is no way to escape? Please tell me there is hope as at the moment I have literally spent all weekend in bed crying. I can’t go on like this.

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CrappyChristmasMusic Sun 25-Nov-18 20:11:30

I am so sorry OP.

First step I think is go to the doctor and get signed off.

If you definitely want to move school, have a look on myjobsscotland. There are vacancies in absolutely every council.

You might also want to investigate phoning your council HR and asking for a voluntary transfer?

It'll get better x

Downbutnotoutyet Sun 25-Nov-18 20:27:21

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. That in itself means the world. I went to the doctor. They wouldn’t help because I struck them as a very strong person. The irony wasn’t lost on me. I think I’ll try and get to in service then see how I feel. I think I need time to get my head together so I can try applying for other jobs. When your confidence is as low as mine it is really hard. You have no idea how much a stranger on the internet has impacted me. Thank you so much. Now I can’t stop the tears again.

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sakura06 Sun 25-Nov-18 20:31:56

It sounds like you definitely need some time to look after yourself. But also don't be disheartened on the job front. When you feel up to it, applying will help boost your confidence.

Can you use your Head of Department (or equivalent) as one reference?

Celticlassie Sun 25-Nov-18 20:32:17

I don't think they use HT reports any more so no worries on that front. A few of my colleagues have got sideways moves recently - I think it's far more common than it used to be. And (depending on where you are- I'm in Glasgow area) there's a hell of a supply shortage so you could even resign then do supply till you get yourself something else more permanent. thanks

CrappyChristmasMusic Sun 25-Nov-18 20:39:55

OP you sound so lovely, I'm so sorry this is happening to you.

Perhaps look at ways to make your worklife easier- use Twinkl etc. Avoid the staffroom or try to spend more time if the class-committed staff are lovely.

We've not long to go until Christmas flowers

Downbutnotoutyet Sun 25-Nov-18 20:47:06

I’m in the NE but more than happy to relocate. I just want to work in a school that values me. I am more than happy to be given advice and direction. Everyone has to develop. But there are ways of doing it. My HT and other SMT do so much damage it scares me. Thank you for taking the time to reply. It gives me hope that I might end up in a school with genuine colleagues. I can but dream.

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Downbutnotoutyet Sun 25-Nov-18 20:53:34

@CrappyChristmas. Please stop being so nice or I’ll never stop crying. Just when I got myself together you pop up being so kind again. I have been going in later and out at lunchtime. It definitely helps. Few people use our staffroom as it is just a dumping ground. No proper chairs or tables, stuff littered everywhere that management have dumped from their offices, constant interruptions by children. Not a relaxing environment at all. I’m better off sitting in my car. I can’t even think about Christmas. Was meant to be treating myself to a few days away but I haven’t had the heart to book anything I am so down. When you get in this dark place it invades every aspect of your life and it is not pleasant.

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Downbutnotoutyet Sun 25-Nov-18 20:54:36

Thank you for the other replies too. I am so grateful you took time to reply. It means so much.

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Mistressiggi Mon 26-Nov-18 19:24:37

If you tell your line manager you are experiencing work related stress they are supposed to do something about it. Remember if you have no rep doesnt mean you have no union support - your diary should have the name or number of your local association. You can have a week off surely without beng signed off - but try to get some advice first.
And it doesnt feel like it, but it's just a job, its not you

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