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Volunteering - what should I look up?

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WouldLikeToAsk Mon 26-Nov-18 08:13:46

Thank you. Will look at this today =)

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rillette Sun 25-Nov-18 11:44:38

I'd start looking into Phonics if you'll be working with KS1 children as this is how children have learnt to read (decode):

WouldLikeToAsk Sun 25-Nov-18 11:15:50

I posted a few months back about wanting to become a teacher. So I've offered to do some volunteering, at the local school my daughter attends.

Currently awaiting DBS check returned and a meeting with the Head, who I imagine will take me through all the policies etc.

Is there anything useful I can look up in the meantime? I'm happy just to go in to read with the children, if it helps but I have told school I'm willing to do what they see best, to make myself as useful as possible.

Are there any good resources, documents and/or training tools I should be familiarising myself with that might help, so I don't end up relying on staff or being more work than use?

I know I might be limited to what I can do but it would still be nice to do it effectively. TIA =)

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