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ADHD Strategies Upper Primary

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Beccatheboo Fri 16-Nov-18 19:35:17

New one-to-one support here for a child with undiagnosed ADHD. Very much thrown in at the deep end! Can anyone please give me any tips?! The child currently spends very little time in the classroom or doing any learning. Other TAs have left...

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longnight Fri 16-Nov-18 19:50:47

Not in education but I have 2 with adhd strategies we found helped were a screen to go around them to block visual distractions. Things like ear defenders or ear plugs have been brilliant for dulling audio distractions but still enable them to hear instructions. Regular breaks and items like tangles that they can use in their hands have been brilliant we have gone from needing breaks every 15 mins to 1 needing them every half hour (10 year old and 13 yr old an hour). This 1 May sound silly but a piece of card that is bigger then books placed on table helped them focus on written and reading work. I don't know if this child is simular but especially before being diagnosed and the meds that best suited them were prescribed they were prone to angry outburst and could be violent but we found that sometimes if possible after the class teacher had set work them going into a quiet corridor or small room reduced the risk of the outbursts. It also gave them a chance to bond with their ta and they felt it was easier to say if they found anything too hard.
Someone trained hopefully will come along with better advice but I hope it all goes well for you. Both mine are now in special needs placements but both if them and me are very thankful for the ta's who out in the work to help them.

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