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PGDE Scotland - Referees

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WishToTeach Thu 15-Nov-18 16:27:11

I'm planning on applying to study the PGDE at a Scottish university starting September 2019, but I'm not sure what I need from my two referees. confused

I currently work in a variety of schools but typically spend just a week in each so there's nobody in the schools who knows me well enough to act as a referee (nor would I feel comfortable asking them after such a short time in their school).

I have over 500 hours teaching primary classes in the role I'm in (P1-7) but I can't ask my employer to be a referee either as they're not meant to write references (company policy) and it would also let them know I don't see this job as my long term career.

Has anybody been successfully with a PGDE application without a reference from a school? And what are referees expected to write? Thanks smile

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