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Looking for another job after one half term?!

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LaserShark Thu 08-Nov-18 06:57:22

I worked in the same school for ten years and moved this year. I’ve gone to a MAT and discovered the reality of teaching there is nothing like the impression I got on the interview day! It’s an extremely corporate and stifling atmosphere and I feel extremely demoralised nine weeks in.

An opportunity has arisen at another school - also a MAT - which looks like it would be a very different ethos. I’m concerned about how it may look for me to be seeking another job after just one half term. If I were to get the other job, it would be an Easter start and I feel like I could be in for an uncomfortable few months at my current school if I throw in the towel at this stage - and leave my two Y11 classes right before the exams, which is something I would never have contemplated I would do.

However, I am UPS3 and work part time and I feel that limits my opportunities. The school I am interested in specifically states that they recruit experienced teachers and the job is advertised at the full range of MPS1-UPS3. I’m just worried about how it may affect my application to be trying to move on so soon. Is it likely to count against me? And how do I know that another MAT will be different - I thought this one looked amazing until I started the job!

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MaisyPops Thu 08-Nov-18 07:09:41

If you started at your new school this year and get a job for summer term then you'll have done 2 terms and the classes will be 2 or 3 weeks from exams. I'm of the view that 2 to 3 weeks befoe the exam is firmly in student revision territory. Students don't mess their exams up if they've been working properly and doing their side of things. I wouldn't let that affect your decision.

Sometimes you get a feel for a place quite quickly. Sometimes the first half term or term can be quite hard if you've gone from somewhere established and settled where youre part of the furniture to somewhere new.
I would be inclined to give it until January unless the job you've seen is much better than the current one.

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