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Gift ideas for DDs teachers (year R)

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SakuraM Wed 07-Nov-18 10:49:44


Hope it's OK to post here.

I'd like to have some ideas for presents to be given to my DD's teachers (Year R).

Do we have to give a card, a gift and chocolate? What's the budget? If you are a teacher yourself, which particular gift do you most enjoy.


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PurpleDaisies Wed 07-Nov-18 10:51:43

I like cards. No need for a present.

Mummaluelae Wed 07-Nov-18 10:56:17

No need for presents. A card with a doodle from the child in would be lovely.
If you really wanted to buy a gift, honestly a small box of chocs or biscuits work well. Or a small handcream or handbag mirror.
Remembering when I was at school (I was prob in year 5 or 6) some parents bought our teacher (from kids) a little desk clock and a mug. She had that clock and mug with her coffee in it on her desk every day!

SakuraM Wed 07-Nov-18 16:44:21

Hi and thx for your replies!

So no gift at all? only a card? the types saying happy holidays and merry Christmas, etc. and that's it?
@Mumma: I love to see my gift being used and enjoyed! Excellent thinking!

So a card and a box of chocs would be more than acceptable then?

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Maccapacca88 Thu 08-Nov-18 22:08:12

In my school we have to use travel mugs for hot drinks. Asda have a good selection of pretty ones for under a fiver! I wouldn’t expect a present, but would be chuffed to get one ☺️

RavenWings Thu 15-Nov-18 19:07:29

You don't have to give anything. If you want to give something, tell us a bit about the teacher and we can suggest things.

FishesThatFly Thu 15-Nov-18 19:12:52

I really wish I'd never started the present giving when ds1 went to school. It became very expensive and was totally unnecessary.

I also felt l had to continue until ds2 left as l know teachers talk and didn't want anyone to feel l wasn't pleased with them as l hadn't purchased a gift that year.

ElizavetaBathory Thu 15-Nov-18 19:30:49

You can get personalised teacher planners - too late for this year as she'll be using one already but can get gift vouchers for them here

LookingThroughTheLookingGlass Thu 15-Nov-18 19:34:17

Do not buy a mug!!!!!!!!!

I not buy a mug!!!!!!!!!

It will be thrown away or chucked in the random mug cupboard in the staff room- we get millions of the blighters!!!!!

Wine or a gift voucher is perfect.
If they don’t drink it can be regifted or drunk by famalam at Christmas.

Again.... please don’t buy a mug!

LookingThroughTheLookingGlass Thu 15-Nov-18 19:35:51

And avoid those special thermal mug things- not all teachers drink hot drinks and if they do, they could do without 35 vessels for tea

IggyAce Thu 15-Nov-18 19:40:27

Lots of teachers use their own money to pay for nice extras/essentials so a gift voucher for Amazon or the Range would be useful. Most are very happy with a nice homemade card.

RavenWings Thu 15-Nov-18 19:41:53

Honestly I'd actually welcome a crappy Best Teacher mug. It'd go into the staffroom cupboard, but our mugs seem to walk off by themselves. Would be much appreciated by all grin If you're going to give a mug, it's actually not a bad idea. Just make sure it's something like this

Or Emma Bridgewater (which personally I don't like...but it gets the MN thumbs up!).

LJdorothy Thu 15-Nov-18 20:32:02

A card with a note would be lovely. I appreciate all presents, of course I do, but it's the cards with messages from pupils and/or parents that I keep forever.

CocoLoco87 Thu 15-Nov-18 22:09:52

The best presents I received were a Cath Kidston mug, swarovski pen, flip flops (wore them till they fell apart), nice hair serum and alcohol. I really really really appreciated any gift I was given, but those were my faves. I used the mug and pen every day and i wore the flip flops till they fell apart. They were sandal type ones with diamantes on so nice for school in summer. The mum had actually found out my shoe size without asking me, which was really sweet.

fruitpastille Thu 15-Nov-18 22:18:30

Teachers love stationery ime. Really you don't have to get anything though. With multiple children and job sharing teachers/assistants it can get very expensive!

Cauliflowersqueeze Thu 15-Nov-18 22:19:44

Just a card. No presents.

SakuraM Fri 16-Nov-18 11:38:05

Hi all!

Very interesting ideas! I no longer feel lost. Thanks very much!

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PrincessJuanita Sat 17-Nov-18 12:02:21

I love getting mugs, especially big ones. I'm always losing or breaking mine.

But in answer to the question, a message saying thank you and that she has learnt loads/enjoyed the term is the best present a teacher can get.

LookingThroughTheLookingGlass Sun 18-Nov-18 09:02:29

It’s a running joke in my school... we have a special (dusty) cupboard for tacky mugs.
Save your pennies, if people need mugs they can buy one for 50p. Don’t be conned into paying £5 for a garish teacher one.
I’d much rather have a voucher that will actually be used or a handmade card.

Oh, also on the hate list is home made cakes. They go straight in the bin! Teachers don’t eat them. Full of sentiment for the giver I get that, but no, just no.

SakuraM Tue 20-Nov-18 21:45:13

@Princess and Looking, thanks a lot for your input; I will definitely take into consideration what you said.


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junebirthdaygirl Sun 02-Dec-18 21:42:36

I genuinely don't mind 8f l get no presents. But l do appreciate : nice decoration for my own tree, Christmas flowers ( love these), voucher for local coffee shop, book token or very plain photo frame ( with no words on it). I have no interest in school stuff as buy my own and a bit fussy but l do like nice pens.

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