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Slightly panicking about the next half term!

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PumpkinPie2016 Sat 03-Nov-18 11:51:14

I am about to go back to work after half term and decided to make a calendar for the fridge with all of the upcoming things (personal, family stuff) on. Largely because DH seems to have a terrible memory and double books stuff.

It's so busysad I'm looking at it and there is literally not a single weekend between now and Christmas where we don't have something on (DS party, a party he is going to, his drama class/rehearsals/show, swimming lessons, my hair app, DH working on odd days, Christmas lights switch on etc). Plus stuff at DS school which will no doubt require things doing e.g. Christmas party, children in need etc.

For me, school is also set to be really busy. I am full time, teaching a core subject and lead a key stage (secondary). This half term we have various progress reports, 6th Form open eve, learning walks, book scrutinies and I am starting my middle leaders qualification.

I am well aware I am not the only one who is going to be busy - is anyone else feeling slight dread about the next half term? Any suggestions that don't involve copious amounts of mulled wine (that's the only solution I currently have grin)

I feel like I may look about 80 by Christmas!

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spaghettipeppers Sat 03-Nov-18 13:13:36

Feeling similar. I'm currently in an obstinate 'I'm just not going to get stressed' mood but I know the chances of actually leaving school at 5pm and not taking anything home are slim.

With the exception of the DCs, DH and my mum, I am not buying presents. I'm going to get token M&S shortbread tins or giftcards. I'm using Amazon for the DCs and getting them delivered to my mum's.

PumpkinPie2016 Sat 03-Nov-18 13:35:39

spaghetti I am also in the 'I'm not going to get stressed' mood but it won't last confused

I am cutting down on Christmas present buying though like you and will also be doing the cast majority online as I have no time to go shopping. Apart from that, I have no patience for battling the crowds in shops!

I think I am also going to have to be firm and say 'no' to requests for extra things that will undoubtedly come up over the next few weeks.

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notsurewhatshappening Sat 03-Nov-18 16:31:17

I'm really selective about parties- unless they fit in with our plans we don't accept invitations. Great if they give me a couple of hours' peace I can drop off but I'd rather not spend 2 hours hanging around a soft play centre with mums I don't know!

Cut everything back and only do stuff you want to do. Shop for groceries online and you can also pop a few gifts in your online basket- Tesco do toys and gadgets etc. They arrive with my normal online shop.

Both my kids have birthdays this term so I'm organising their parties and as they are primary age the calendar is full of nativity dates, Xmas fayre etc. It's a busy time but make sure you get some rest each weekend too.

PumpkinPie2016 Sun 04-Nov-18 07:52:16

notsure I will definitely be selective about any new invitations we get to parties this half term. DS is only 4 so not at the drop and run stage yet and I hardly know any school mums as I don't do pick up/drop off so I always feel awkward!

I got up early today as DH was going out to work early so I have done some work this morning. Trying not to stress!

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PumpkinPie2016 Mon 05-Nov-18 18:22:07

Well, despite feeling a bit apprehensive about the start of term, today was actually ok smile

I had nice lessons with my classes and actually feel positive!

Hopefully, it will continue.

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eromdap Fri 09-Nov-18 19:50:41

I’m looking forward to January already! I have three children in three different schools and with me, that makes four. Three of us are involved in Xmas productions, on the three different and consecutive weeks of December. Also lined up in the first week of December are a flute exam, a hospital appointment and two school discos! Eek!

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