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Dropped by my school (be kind)

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Midlifemalteser Thu 01-Nov-18 16:22:08

Ok so background is I’ve been working at a school for over 6 years in a supply capacity. It’s been fine. I’ve been the particular person they’ve chosen to teach a certain area and I’ve always had plenty of work. In fact I chose to just work with this one school because I had so much work with them that I didn’t want to work elsewhere and jeopardise that. There are e other reasons why working at this school is best but I don’t want to ‘out’ myself.
Since September I have have no work from this school whatsoever. The school has removed its ‘supply teacher’ section from its website where a photo of me was put.
So I popped into school and said a chatty hello, just to let you know that I’m available for supply. Office staff member said ‘oh we haven’t had any in your area yet’...

I’ve since found out they are now using agency staff.

This seems odd as they’d be more expensive (I was working directly with school).
Also I’ve built up relationships with children and staff and know the routines, do absolutely above and beyond what is asked of me including coming in before 8am, working late, marking to their ridiculous marking scheme and generally being available at the drop of a hat!

Can anyone think what’s gone wrong?
Be kind please, I’m really upset by this. I just saw an agency teacher leaving there today. 😢

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Anythingforacatslife Thu 01-Nov-18 16:28:17

I think they possibly had concerns about your teaching but rather than address that (because you’re ‘only’ supply) they’ve thought it easier to just not give you any more work. It’s a bit crap though, given how long you’ve been working there.

Midlifemalteser Thu 01-Nov-18 16:32:28

Concerns about my teaching?
I can’t think of anything that I’ve done wrong. My behaviour management is sound and I do every piece of work I’m set. The teachers email me plans at the weekend so I’m prepared. Their choice.
If I bump into the children they ask when I’m going to be their teacher again! 😢

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DrMadelineMaxwell Thu 01-Nov-18 16:35:09

Don't assume agency would be dearer. Some agencies pay the teachers a low rate and can then offer supply rates to the school that mean they save on supply costs and the agency still makes a profit.

Wednesdaypig Thu 01-Nov-18 16:36:53

Also I bet your specialist area is now being covered by TAs/HLTAs during PPA time.

Midlifemalteser Thu 01-Nov-18 16:39:29

I just wish that they’d told me before the summer. I could’ve sorted something else out. I’ve just been thinking it’s a quiet term. I feel like such an idiot waiting around for phone calls and checking my emails for absolutely nothing.

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Midlifemalteser Thu 01-Nov-18 16:40:05

Wednesday - you could be right.

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ReverseTheFerret Thu 01-Nov-18 16:41:33

It hurts and sometimes you never find out the reason. More likely - the agency's beaten their supply staff right down on their daily rate so they can undercut the crap out of you and grab the business, and then really hooked the school into a preferred supplier contract to get it even cheaper and stop them looking elsewhere for staff.

Been there, done that and it really bloody sucks. Moral of the story is if you're supply - never ever put all your eggs in one basket and rely on getting the work from one school because they'll shop around the same way they shop around to get the cost of everything in the budget.

GreenTulips Thu 01-Nov-18 16:43:12

You could join the agency or speak to the head Teacher about what's happening.

I think you need to approach other schools

MrsBodger Thu 01-Nov-18 16:44:55

Email the head and ask directly if they will be giving you any more work, because up till now you have kept yourself free for them but that, obviously, if they no longer need you, you will need to find work elsewhere.
They deserve to feel ashamed for treating you like this.

Auntpetunia2015 Thu 01-Nov-18 16:54:48

I’d agree with others. Email head or whoever used to contact you for bookings and check in. But ask specifically if what you’ve been told is correct so you can get yourself booked with an agency if necessary. Where you paid ad hoc so hourly rate? Or where you on a temp contract?

Midlifemalteser Thu 01-Nov-18 16:59:01

Thanks lovelies x
I wasn’t on a contract.
One very senior member of staff has recently left, she really rated me and always insisted that I did her supply. I’m wondering whether this has made a difference.

I’m now thinking that I should look for something else and then if they do need me all of a sudden I can turn them down for once!

Mrs Bodger - if I’m feeling brave I may well do that!

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superram Thu 01-Nov-18 17:06:11

They are employing cover supervisors-which are cheaper.

ReverseTheFerret Thu 01-Nov-18 17:19:34

The staff change would do it - I've lost regular supply schools when heads have changed as the new head's had their own preference for supply cover.

Midlifemalteser Thu 01-Nov-18 17:23:46

Thanks x
I just feel so hurt and I keep thinking I’ve done something. I have fun little things I do with the children and really miss it all.
My confidence is at rock bottom when it comes to teaching.
Last perm job was at a school I loved that went into SM, I then had kids, then returned to supply. I’m not cut out for the cut throat world of teaching!
I wish I could find an alternative.

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NellieBee Thu 01-Nov-18 21:42:44

I'd definitely put my big girl pants on, send an assertive email asking directly whats happened, then cry into a glass of wine. Go for it OP- you have nothing to lose.

PumpkinPie2016 Fri 02-Nov-18 08:57:05

I'm so sorry this has happened - I would do as others suggest and email the head (or whichever SLT is responsible) and enquire. I'd make it clear as well that you are 'keeping your diary free' for them and if you are no longer required then you need to look elsewhere.

I hate when schools treat supply staff this way sad you sound like an excellent supply teacher and one many schools would really value. I work in a large secondary and there are some really excellent supply teachers out there who go above and beyond - schools should be valuing this!

It especially bugs me when I am going around our school (lots of glass!) and see some (and it is a minority!) supply staff sat at the teachers desk paying no attention to the children when there are others like yourself who are so good!

I hope you get an answer and I hope you find other schools - I honestly think you will.

4point2fleet Fri 02-Nov-18 20:01:29

It will be to do with cost. I agree with PP that the people they have doing cover may well be unqualified 'supervisors'. My school certainly doesn't use regular supply teachers any more, we just cover by hook or by crook.

You have had 6 years of the nice bits of teaching without much of the commitment and I'm glad for you that you have enjoyed it. However, maybe now you have to accept that times have changed for schools and you will have to pull your weight a little more to be paid a Teacher's salary.

Wednesdaypig Fri 02-Nov-18 20:26:29

Pull her weight a bit more? Seriously? For a supply teacher she was doing a lot more than most supply I've worked with.

4point2fleet Fri 02-Nov-18 20:41:55

OK, maybe that was a bit harshly worded. But yeah, TBH I think most HLTAs can follow a Teacher's planning, have sound behaviour management and play games with the children. Many of them work long hours and mark too.

Teachers get paid more to do the detailed planning, adjust resources, phone parents, attend meetings, plan trips, analyse data, read up on pupil specific SEN.. yada yada. It's not personal about the OP- I'm just not sure qualified day to day supply is a great use of very scant resources- more of a nice to have in easier times. It sounds a bit like her school think that too.

sakura06 Fri 02-Nov-18 22:06:49

You sound like a great teacher OP. Would you not consider going for a permanent contract somewhere? Supply seems tough to me.

LexieLulu Fri 02-Nov-18 22:11:24

Could it be a contractor issue (I think it's IR35 you need to google)... if you don't work anywhere else but are a contractor basically you should be on payroll and work for them, if you're not it's could go against hmrc rules.

(My wording might be wrong here as I don't work in tax)

Anyway, employers use agencies as it avoids implications of this

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