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Changing from secondary to primary teaching?

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RubyRoses Sun 28-Oct-18 17:56:54

I have been seriously considering moving from secondary to primary teaching for a while now. I have been teaching for about 10 years and although I feel confident and enjoy teaching the older years I can’t get rid of a the feeling that I really should be working with and teaching younger pupils. However, despite lots of research I have no idea realistically how to go about making this transition and would really love to hear from anyone who has either done it or has any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help and advice.

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RubyRoses Sun 04-Nov-18 18:19:26

Any advice on or experiences of making this transition would be amazing please.

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MrsB81 Sun 04-Nov-18 19:34:50


I did this after my NQT. I was teaching English in secondary schools and knew I’d far prefer teaching younger children, so I got some supply in primary schools first (both teaching and TA) I actually did a 6 week TA position in a primary which was amazing as it gave me an idea of the little things- like how the day ran etc, without the overall responsibility for the class. I then applied for some jobs and got one in a private school teaching KS2. I’ve since worked in state schools and have had no issues getting jobs because of my secondary training.

Depends what area you live in I suppose- in my area nobody wants to teach in primary schools anymore so you’d probably be snapped up! But definitely think it’s good to get some experience in primary schools first smile

Good luck xx

Apanicaday Sun 04-Nov-18 19:39:30

I'm a secondary trained teacher and I'm currently TA-ing with a bit of HLTA work as well with a view to moving to primary teaching in the long run. It's going to take time to get there and the pay cut has been massive, but I know for sure that it's where I want to be.

Pulipatchouli Mon 12-Nov-18 22:01:06

Hi, I've done the opposite, moved from Primary to Secondary. The trick is to register with a supply agency who will give you days in primary to check it out. Just don't jump straight from secondary to Reception, the culture shock will be huge! Start with KS2, and good luck.

ohreallyohreallyoh Tue 13-Nov-18 09:38:57

I would also say supply. One of the main reasons I went to supply was to try primary. It hasn't worked out that way but I have had some primary experience along the way and really enjoyed it. Some supply agencies can be difficult about it - there is at least one my way who refused to register me for teaching in primary (but would take me as a TA). Many others say they will take you but the reality has been that work was simply not forthcoming for me - there appears no real shortage of primary teachers and I am in a secondary shortage subject so that has worked out better for me. I swore blind this year I would hold off for primary work and have been in a secondary post since day 3! From a supply point of view there is a significant difference in money as a teacher - I can demand I am paid at M6 level and get it from day one. Primary pays about £100 a day where I am (as opposed to the £170 I am getting).

Pulipatchouli Tue 13-Nov-18 10:39:20

Just to reply to that last post, there is a HUGE shortage of primary teachers at the moment, and the supply rates I get are the same for primary and secondary, 130 a day.

ohreallyohreallyoh Tue 13-Nov-18 10:59:04

I guess it probably depends where you are. There appears no shortage where I am!

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