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Becoming an examiner

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KeysHairbandNotepad Wed 17-Oct-18 10:10:28

Hi all ,

I'm an experienced teaching assistant (primary) with a degree in a creative subject and want to look into making some extra money as an examiner.

Is it possible for me to do this or do I have to be a qualified teacher? If I can do this , what is my way in?


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ohreallyohreallyoh Wed 17-Oct-18 10:53:58

For both AQA and Edexcel you have to have taught at the level you want to teach for a certain period of time - I think AQA is 3 terms in the last 3 years and Edexcel is something like sometime in the last 5 years. You don't necessarily have had to have taught the exam board you want to mark for (I mark for Edexcel but teach AQA) but you do need to have an understanding of the level and requirements. Have a look on exam board websites for details - it is peak recruitment time at the moment.

KeysHairbandNotepad Wed 17-Oct-18 10:57:48

Thank you , I'll definitely do some research.

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