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Job help please.

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SunshineP Mon 15-Oct-18 18:31:00

Thanks for the help. I am ok with MPS until I can go full time. It's amazing how much things change.

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CraftyGin Mon 15-Oct-18 16:45:21

There is no way of knowing until you start looking and applying.

thebookeatinggirl Mon 15-Oct-18 16:39:14

Part time jobs do come up more often in Primary - mainly job shares, so do keep looking.

Very few Primary schools now offer new class teacher jobs, full or part time, above MPS, unless you're prepared to take on a significant additional role (numeracy coordinator etc). Depends a little on the area, and how desperate they are. You could be lucky, or very convincing at interview, and push for the UPS. Most primaries are so cash-strapped that new UPS jobs are unheard of. There's no reason why you can't drop to MPS, and remember there's now no pay portability, so you'd need to discuss pay at interview. Good luck!

MsJaneAusten Mon 15-Oct-18 12:34:06

I don't know much about primary, but certainly in secondary, very few part time jobs are advertised. Those people I know who teach part time have either done it full time first and then put in a flexible working request, or they have done supply first and 'landed' on a job.

It's also worth saying that more and more schools are advertising roles as MPS now and that your UPS 1 is by no means guaranteed. Sorry. Again, this might be different in primary.

Good luck!

SunshineP Mon 15-Oct-18 10:27:06

I'm returning to teaching after 5 years off looking after my kids. I'm primary and UPS 1. Is it worth me looking for a part time job or am I just too expensive and need to try and go full time and look for a post. Sorry I'm kind of out of the loop.

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