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Weekends just disappear :(

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PumpkinPie2016 Sat 06-Oct-18 10:48:11

I'm sure I'm not the only one but my weekends just seem to disappear and I am always so busy that I never really feel like I get a proper rest sad

I teach full time in secondary and hold a TLR so the job is very full on although I do enjoy it (mostly!). I am married and my husband does some self employed work part time so he can be around for our son who is 4 and has just started school. DH is great but I do feel like I have more of the 'mental load' with making sure forms etc for school are filled in, organising birthday parties, practising the letters that are being sent home etc.

I shop for my Nan although I have taken to ordering it on the click and collect so that I can pick it up on Friday after work to make things easier.

I finish work on Fri shattered so don't do much on Fri - just relax and watch tv with DH.

Sat and Sun seem to be just a mixture of housework/admin/ DS activities - he does drama and swimming lessons/doing whatever work I need to do for the following week and sorting uniforms etc.

I always end up feeling like I never get a proper rest. DH in fairness is always busy too.

I can't go part time as I am the main earner and a cleaner isn't an option at the moment due to work we are doing on the house.

This last week DS has had a bad was infection so we were back and forward to the doc after school and to top it off someone tried to break into my car and smashed the back windscreen angry

Not sure what I am trying to be out of my epic moan but needed to get it all out grin feel like I live on a very fast hamster wheel!

Two weeks to half term though!

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noblegiraffe Sat 06-Oct-18 13:22:32

If your DH is only working part time, then what is he doing in the evenings when you are doing school work? Is there some slack there?

3littlebadgers Sat 06-Oct-18 15:04:51

No advice but I am exactly the same! DS (11) lost his PE top and my first thought was about the time expense of having to go buy a new one. I could have cried! I know the holidays will be more of the same. I'm early years so lots of work on the indoor and outdoor areas.

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