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0.6 UPS3

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RuLu Tue 25-Sep-18 22:04:40

Would anyone mind telling me take home pay for UPS3 0.6 please?

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ShackUp Wed 26-Sep-18 05:25:07

Teacher Pay scales - multiply by 0.6:

RuLu Wed 26-Sep-18 15:54:28

Thank you but that's last years. I'm interested in finding out monthly take home pay rather than the salary

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ShackUp Wed 26-Sep-18 16:23:58

Try this instead:

The only way to work out take home pay is by using one of these:

Serafinaaa Wed 26-Sep-18 19:02:20

Erm think it is about £1400?
I have a student loan so that's coming out.

IntentsAndPorpoises Wed 26-Sep-18 19:04:31

Also, the salary

UPS3 might not be the same at every school as they might have more pay points (they don't have to just have 3).

IntentsAndPorpoises Wed 26-Sep-18 19:05:57

Full time hours for a teacher is 32.5 and so x by 0.6 for pro rata. Put your gross salary in, tax code, any student loan etc.

SleepyMcEdie Wed 26-Sep-18 19:06:50

As above, use the TES pay calculator and it will tell you.

Holidayshopping Wed 26-Sep-18 21:23:03


RuLu Wed 26-Sep-18 21:38:50

Thank you

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PotteringAlong Wed 26-Sep-18 21:40:36

£1500 with no student loan!

Holidayshopping Mon 01-Oct-18 09:31:22

Nope-I’ve just been paid. Exactly £1481!

Does anyone know if the new pay scales are optional for LEA (non academy) schools?

anotherangel2 Mon 01-Oct-18 09:34:45

Last year’s cost of living increase was optional, some LEA gave it all, some in part and some none at all.

New pay scales in our school were always paid in Oct/Nov and back dated.

IntentsAndPorpoises Mon 01-Oct-18 13:40:08

All pay scales are optional. The top and bottom of main and ups are fixed, schools can do what they like in between. The
3.5%, 1% is paid by school the rest by government.

noblegiraffe Mon 01-Oct-18 17:50:29

3.5% is MPS only, UPS cost of living raise is a below-inflation 2%.

Holidayshopping Tue 02-Oct-18 07:47:41

This is the pay rise I’m talking about.

I’m UPS 3 but am getting the 2017/18 salary, should I be getting the £39k or is that optional?

IntentsAndPorpoises Tue 02-Oct-18 10:23:51

If ups 3 is the top of your school's pay scale, then yes you should get it. But usually not until October, and backdated.

csr164 Sun 08-Sep-19 21:45:49

0.6 ups3 take home after pension is 1517pm approx.

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