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Going from part time to full time

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GodolphianArabian Sun 23-Sep-18 09:09:44

I work three days a week in a secondary school as a teacher. Kids are now all at school and have been for a few years and there isn't really any reason for me to still be part time. The extra money would be great - we could have a cleaner which would be nice. But I'm scared about coping with the work load.

I have also considered doing something different on the non-work days. I could tutor. I could retrain. I could support DH in his fledgling business. I want to increase our income so volunteering (I've done this) isn't something I want to do. I like my job but also wonder about trying something new. Anyone any advice? How do I decide?

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user1483390742 Sun 23-Sep-18 14:43:15

I've just gone from 3 to 5 days teaching. It's killing me already. House is a tip! I need a cleaner and to get into batch cooking at the weekend!
Hoping my paypacket next week will make it worth it!
Good luck with your decision!

careerchange456 Sun 23-Sep-18 14:59:23

I've gone back full time after a few years off. Part time before that.

So far so good!

But I do have a cleaner, I stocked up the freezer over the summer and my kids eat at nursery so I don't need to cook big meals every evening.

Clammyclam Mon 24-Sep-18 22:36:41

I'm coming towards this point in life. I think as a working couple there needs to be some flexibility in the working week. With this in mind perhaps you could work 4 days rather than 5? This increasing your salary but leaving time for those important assemblies, family commitments, appointments etc. There is, of course, the possibility your partner could do this instead. You wouldn't gain a great deal more PPA time but the workload of 5 days would be much much greater. I wouldnt if I was you.

mynameisnotmichaelcaine Wed 26-Sep-18 06:33:41

I'm doing four days this year, which hasn't been massively different to three in terms of workload, but allows me a day to mark / cook / occasionally go out for lunch.

icklekid Wed 26-Sep-18 06:39:26

I've gone from 3 days to 4 days and the difference from 60% salary to 80% is definitely worth it without the stress of full time commitment. If tutoring is an option I think I would go for that. Still child free time to plan and 1:1 or small group sessions are very rewarding in my experience!

Bobbysausages Wed 26-Sep-18 06:39:38

I agree with PP I'd be tempted to go to 4 days rather than 5. More income but you still have some flexibility.

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