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Cannot sing Shine Jesus Shine any longer, please recommend me some new hymns!

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IAmTheMusicWoman Tue 18-Sep-18 20:57:45

Catholic school, we are lucky enough to have a few musical staff who can play the piano and sing. We have a choir but I need new hymns for the whole school to sing, ideally somewhere between Soul of our Saviour and Our God is a Great Big God <shudder>

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TheQueef Tue 18-Sep-18 21:00:41

Hand me down my silver trumpet?

Namechanger5555 Tue 18-Sep-18 21:03:51

Love 'The Rend Collective' especially 'My Lighthouse' but it is more 'Great Big God' than a hymn.

'Big man standing by the blue waterside' is good but again quite pop based.

Another pop one is 'power in me'

NearWildHeaven Tue 18-Sep-18 21:04:23

How great is our God (with the clapping)?

This little light of mine?

TheMarshwiggle Tue 18-Sep-18 21:06:21

Ten thousand reasons (matt redman)

redexpat Tue 18-Sep-18 21:07:29

Far round the world thy children sing their song.

shakeyourcaboose Tue 18-Sep-18 21:08:16

If I were a butterfly?

Winewinewinewine Tue 18-Sep-18 21:16:22

Love 'Shine Jesus Shine'. It always reminds me of that particular 6 yr old who sang at the top of her voice, totally out of tune, with such enthusiasm. grin
How about 'Give me oil in my lamp'. A classic!

TheWoollybacksWife Tue 18-Sep-18 21:17:26

Colours of Day
Lord of All Hopefulness (my favourite)
Here I am Lord
Only a Shadow
Christ Be Our Light

MaisyPops Tue 18-Sep-18 21:20:14

I love that song.

I also like The Father's Song. Nice and simple.

Indescribable, Chris Tomlin
Yesterday, Today and Forever, Vicky Beeching

For fun actions the one that goes 'I'm gonna jump up and down, gonna spin right around. It's fun for ks1 when I've done children's club.

PinguDance Tue 18-Sep-18 21:32:52

Etched into my memory form CofE school - who’s the king of the jungle, who’s the king of the sea, who’s the king of the universe and who’s the king of me? J E S U S- yes!

PinguDance Tue 18-Sep-18 21:35:06

We also did ‘from a distance’ by Bette midler which we all loved for some unfathomable reason

Giraffeski Tue 18-Sep-18 21:50:20

Dd2(5) loves Follow Me, they do actions to it at school.

putonyourdancingshoes Wed 19-Sep-18 05:58:17

Sing it in the valleys

DumbledoresApprentice Wed 19-Sep-18 06:24:36

We Are One in the Spirit and As I Kneel Before You are both popular at my school.

Potcallingkettle Wed 19-Sep-18 06:30:03

Look up Fischy music. A mix of Christian songs and songs about feelings. Lots of actions. Available online and on cds/dvds with actions.

autumnboys Wed 19-Sep-18 06:51:40

Rend Collective - every giant will fall
City on a Hill by Nick and Becky Drake
Hallelujah (Your Love is Amazing, Steady & Unchanging)
At Your Name (Lord of all the Earth)

MerrilyWatkins Wed 19-Sep-18 21:26:00

Ours love 'Seek ye First' sung as a round and 'I Would Light a Candle' which makes me cry every time!

TheThirdOfHerName Thu 20-Sep-18 22:36:39

Rend Collective: You will never run away

TheThirdOfHerName Thu 20-Sep-18 22:38:20

Doug Horley has written loads of songs suitable for 7-11 year olds.

DrMadelineMaxwell Thu 20-Sep-18 22:39:58

Lots of traditional hymns, with lyrics, backing tracks with lyrics, backing tracks to teach the song and backing tracks without lyrics. Download and play. No musicians required.

DrMadelineMaxwell Thu 20-Sep-18 22:40:56

Someone's singing Lord, is available with a CD on amazon.
As is Everyone's Singing Lord.

tarheelbaby Tue 25-Sep-18 14:29:40

are C of E hymns allowed?
what about 'Jerusalem' for its historical factor(ies)?

Also, what are the traditional RC Advent hymns? As an Anglican, I'd be following the liturgical seasons and choosing the traditional ones from Hymns Ancient & Modern. Do you have any older staff who can suggest the classics? I feel sad that most Christian/church schools don't use enough of these and children are not learning the hymns their parents know which doesn't make a traditional service any more accessible to them.

HelloViroids Tue 25-Sep-18 14:33:43

Whole World in His Hands
One More Step Along the World I Go
Think of A World Without Any...

And this time of year - Autumn Days smile

Wagonwheelsandjammydodgers Tue 25-Sep-18 14:38:09

Look at some of the Awesome Cutlery ones - very funny lyrics that children love.

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