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TA changing jobs, at what stage do I tell current school?

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bellylaughs Sun 16-Sep-18 18:27:20

I come from industry where it’s normal not to breath a word about job hunting until the day you give your notice in (new offer in hand). Now I’m told that is bad form in schools and you should tell head beforehand at the looking around stage.

I have an interview for a new job this week, should I tell school? There’s also the issue of how to get the time off if I don’t tell them?!

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deary Sun 16-Sep-18 19:33:09

You might find they already know! Safer recruiting policies may mean that references are requested before shortlisting for interview!

bellylaughs Sun 16-Sep-18 22:18:16

I requested that the new school hold off on the reference request until I had spoken to them which they were happy to do. They did contact my other reference at shortlisting. (Application deadline until interview is just 4 working days so not too long for them to wait)

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bellylaughs Sun 16-Sep-18 22:19:04

But is it expected that I tell my current school? I don’t want to piss them off as they have always been fair to me.

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TheFallenMadonna Sun 16-Sep-18 23:13:16

As a teacher I would tell the Head at the point of applying because I would be asking them to provide a reference.

PinguDance Mon 17-Sep-18 20:19:20

I find this annoying about schools - they do indeed seem to get references prior to interview which hasn’t happened in any other job I’ve had where they do it after an offer. I’m supposed to ask my headteacher if she can provide a reference before I actually put her down! It also annoys me it has to be the head rather than my line manager. One of those weird school things.

bellylaughs Wed 19-Sep-18 21:16:06

I agree pingu! In the end I did tell the head and she was very nice about it. However I then didn’t get the job and now feel a bit awkward that she knows I’m planning to leave!

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minimammy Thu 27-Sep-18 22:26:42

What are you moving to do if you don't mind me asking?
She might see it as development or easier to fit around family?

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