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Is it meaningful to complain that schools purvey a ‘middle class ethos’? - sample PGCE question

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noblegiraffe Sun 16-Sep-18 13:31:44

Just seen these questions from an Oxford Uni PGCE exam from 1974.

Wow, and people complain about the numeracy and literacy tests.

I think I’d really struggle to answer three of those questions!

I didn’t have any exams on my PGCE, did any of you? Should we be asked stuff like this?

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rillette Sun 16-Sep-18 17:27:52

I imagine that different training providers would be looking for different answers!

PinguDance Mon 17-Sep-18 20:33:09

Love these qs -Not sure how in depth the answer would be expected to be as some of them are more like PhDs. I find it a bit odd that in my school at least, although the teaching standards are high, few teachers are actually interested in issues like this. I’m fascinated by them but a lot of teachers at my school at pretty much apolitical. You don’t need to think about this to be a good teacher but I’m surprised people don’t iyswim.

parrotonmyshoulder Tue 18-Sep-18 18:30:14

I loved the history and sociology elements of my BEd. They might not have made me a better teacher, but I do think that critical thinking skills and good socio-political awareness are useful for teachers to acquire. It’s important for us to be able to contribute to educational discussions, in school and beyond, without necessarily accepting the status quo.

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