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First term blues.

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LJdorothy Fri 14-Sep-18 22:49:47

Anyone else feeling they've had enough already? A quick scan of the school related AIBUs and my heart has sunk into my boots. How many parents are sitting at home mouthing off about my failure to find x's unlabelled navy cardigan despite repeated emails, about my failure to rugby tackle y's granny to the ground when she picked y up from school on Tuesday instead of Wednesday, the excessive number of/complete lack of(delete as appropriate) consent forms etc I place in the pupils' bags? And that's just a tiny MN snapshot... in real life it's even worse. Nothing is ever good enough. If I had ten pairs of hands, eyes in the back of my head, and a couple of clones, I could cope with the demands from senior management, parents and pupils. As it is, I've had it, and it's only September.

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Neolara Fri 14-Sep-18 22:56:25

I just wanted to say that I appreciate the whinging is really tough. But it's worth bearing in mind that what you probably aren't hearing is the kids telling their parents they had a really fun or interesting day at school, or the parents saying how great they think their kid's teachers are. What you do will be appreciated by the vast majority of people you deal with during the day. It's just a bit sad that you probably rarely get that positive feedback.

LJdorothy Fri 14-Sep-18 23:08:11

Thank you. That's so lovely to hear and hopefully true. I'll pick myself back up. Just tired I think.

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Goldrill Fri 14-Sep-18 23:48:54

I was actually feeling pretty positive for once. Until I checked MN! I hope it's just this week. I'm a new Y7 tutor and am pretty sure I have failed to spot lots of things I should have picked up.

PumpkinPie2016 Sat 15-Sep-18 07:57:36

It's hard when you hear people being negative but try to remember that people mainly post on forums when they need to vent.

There will be many happy kids/parents out there who do appreciate what we do.

That said, I am feeling pretty swamped already and have a busy weekend sad

SoyDora Sat 15-Sep-18 08:01:25

DD1 is 3 weeks into reception and we’ve had a rough time emotionally at home but we are more than happy with the school and teachers smile. Communication has been good, she’s a keen reader and has been read with 8 times already, she already loves her teacher and TA’s, nothing lost... just for an alternate view!

Coolaschmoola Sat 15-Sep-18 08:02:05

My timetable is all over the place, I've taught 30 hours this week and worked 48. On Wednesday a teenager told me I don't know how to do my job. A 16 year old girl wanted to punch me "in the fucking face" and called me a "fat bitch" on Thursday because I told he to put her phone away.

Living the dream.

SoyDora Sat 15-Sep-18 08:02:36

Should have said the rough time emotionally isn’t because any of us are distraught about her starting school, far from it! Just the usual extreme exhaustion etc.

brizzledrizzle Sat 15-Sep-18 08:05:58

Remember that parents rarely mention the days that go well, they don't know about all those lightbulb moments and if a mouthy 16 year thinks you are a fat bitch, well who cares? It hurts, I know, but it's just words. Think of all the children who you've inspired and made a safe space for (even the stroppy Ines because maybe they need it the most) thanksgin

ILoveMyMonkey Sat 15-Sep-18 08:29:44

Primary teacher here, already been scouring the job pages for shop work, admin roles to escape.

Been screamed at by tantrumming 7 year olds, called a twat for telling a boy not to punch another boy in the face, had to deal with too many parent moans (not from my watch but my job shares!) Arrrggghhhh.

Wormzy Sat 15-Sep-18 14:18:04

Ignore the whingers on here. Most of them haven't got a clue what it takes to teach these days.

My new school is quite hard work, but I am feeling incredibly positive, because the management in my school is a massive breath of fresh air with a focus on what we do well and on supporting staff to get the best out of our kids. That includes telling whinging parents where to stick their concerns if Johnny decides to bring an iPhone X into school and it gets stolen/ smashed/ stuck in the loo.

Sadly, a lot of schools don't work that way.

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