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Other career options?

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SuperPug Fri 14-Sep-18 22:29:37

Each to their own but I really don't think working in an independent school is selling your soul..

nomoreheroesanymore Fri 14-Sep-18 11:29:01

I've just started teaching on the PGCE at my local university. Love it! Highly recommend.

phlebasconsidered Thu 13-Sep-18 07:17:48

I'm a qualified librarian and I keep looking around for local jobs but the fact is, like teaching, the library services ( where there are any left) want cheap newly qualifieds / unqualifieds and the pay is rubbish!

I don't want to tutor. I just keep daydreaming of business ideas.

My other option is to sell my soul and teach privately. Small class sizes would be a dream and tons easier after 35 kids with no TA! However, this would please my arch snob private school head sister in law too much so I never will!

creepingbuttercupdrivesmemad Thu 13-Sep-18 06:33:30

Prison teaching?
You're still in a classroom, admittedly, but with far fewer students.

WhippetyStourie Thu 13-Sep-18 06:21:57

After leaving teaching for a number of years to raise my family I have just started working in a library. I have no library qualifications but had some voluntary experience. I had to big up my ‘transferable skills’ on the job application and at interview. It is a casual, low level position. I could certainly make a lot more money going back to teaching but I don’t want the stress.

Imsosorryalan75 Wed 12-Sep-18 21:15:35

I know it's been done to death but I'm looking for some inspiration! I'm fed up of being in the classroom. I'm a qualified teacher, currently working as a TA which is better but not very mentally challenging (for me). However, I have no other skills except teaching! If you have left, please tell me what you got into with just your teaching qualification..I'm struggling to find opportunities outside the classroom!

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