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Depression diagnosis -telling school

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Server05 Fri 14-Sep-18 14:07:31

Really glad that your meeting went well and your head is being supportive. Hopefully this means things will be better for you in work. My meeting went well too.

eyeoresancerre Wed 12-Sep-18 07:07:34

Bloody well done - so glad you did it. It must have taken huge effort and be mentally exhausting but you did it!
Hopefully some small changes may happen at work that might give you a bit more headspace to focus on yourself. X

overwhelmedbyitall Tue 11-Sep-18 23:01:23

I spoke to the head after school today and she was lovely.
Told me I was brave to speak up, asked what she could do to support me, apologised for various things which happened last term which added to my problems, told me that I was to look at all things I have done and try to worry less about the things I haven't yet, make myself more of a priority etc etc. Was generally supportive and lovely. A positive conversation so hopefully that can ease things a little. Thanks for the push to be brave and do it. I hope your chat goes well too Server05...

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Server05 Tue 11-Sep-18 10:00:02

Please know that you are not alone. I have just had to start this process with my own HT, although admittedly it has taken me over a year to work up the courage. I took the route of emailing her over the holidays just before going back asking if we can have a private chat at some point once back. We have now booked an appointment for later this week when we both have the time. In the email I told her that I'm having problems with my mental health, but didn't go into any details. part of the response I got was to tell me that i'm being brave for acknowledging that I need support and that she will support me all the way, even though my issues are mainly caused my things outside of work. Hopefully your own HT will be just as supportive, and you find that they will help you.

eyeoresancerre Tue 11-Sep-18 07:28:26

Please be brave and tell them. I think they have a strong obligation to help you re: worklife balance.
You won't be the only one at your work I'm sure of that. We have a few with depression, anxiety & stress at our school and SLT are really looking into what can be done in the workplace to help in anyway.
Wishing you luck & courage. Hope you get a positive outcome x

MaisyPops Tue 11-Sep-18 07:27:01

Sorry to hear that. flowers
The doctor is absolutely right that work need to know. Reading between the lines (maybe incorrectly) is it stress caused by work?
Work can make reasonable adjustments to help you, they can make sure they arent adding anything extra to your workload etc. But if it's one of those schools that doesn't care about staff well being then I can understand why you're feeling like it may have no effect.

What I would say is don't resign until you know what you want. You say you want out, but you might be better making that decision when your head is a bit clearer. If you end up too unwell to work, go back to your GP. Try to avoid making any rash decisions qhen you're going through a tough time.

overwhelmedbyitall Tue 11-Sep-18 07:22:22

Title says it really. I have recently been diagnosed with depression caused by stress and anxiety. No medication yet but cbt referral. Dr has told me I need to tell work and I know he is right but how? Nothing has changed in the last few months, a diagnosis doesn't actually change anything, does it? I'm not sure how or what to tell them and what, if anything, I want out of it - I know nothing about workload can realistically change...
Not even really sure what I am asking! Just feeling very alone and anxious about telling people.
Will probably post in mental health too.

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