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iGCSE history edexcel

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NotDonna Mon 20-Aug-18 17:32:49

My DD is struggling to find revision guides for the new history iGCSE. The ones on Amazon are similar (ie, 9-1) but cover different year spans or slightly different topics. For example, medicine from 1250 to present when hers is medicine 1848 to 1948.
Does anyone know where I can find study guides for the following topics please as she’s really struggling
1) History - a divided union: civil rights in the USA, 1945-74
2) History - the USA, 1918-41
3) history - changes in medicine, c1848-c1948
4) history - Germany: development of dictatorship, 1918-45

All edexcel iGCSE 9-1

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DumbledoresApprentice Mon 20-Aug-18 17:46:54

Unfortunately I don’t think they exist for those iGCSE options at the minute. Does she have copies of the textbooks to use at home. If not then that might be a good place to start.

I’d also get her to sign up for and search there for “sets”, which are essentially decks of electronic flash cards that can be used to learn and test material. I found a few for her course with a quick 30 second search.

Hope that helps.
I don’t think revision guides are critical if that makes you feel any better. My students get great results and the overwhelming majority don’t buy revision guides (though we do lend them the textbooks to take home for the two year course). Good luck to your DD!

Wiifitmama Mon 20-Aug-18 17:50:06

I have just bought the medicine 1848-1948 one from Amazon for my son as he is doing that as one of the topics. So that one definitely exists. His other 3 topics are different from the ones you mentioned so I can't help with those.

Wiifitmama Mon 20-Aug-18 17:51:52

Actually I just found these:

DumbledoresApprentice Mon 20-Aug-18 17:58:37

Wiifit- I think those are textbooks rather than revision guides. I think they are a good investment if the OP’s DD doesn’t have them already though.

NotDonna Thu 23-Aug-18 22:52:53

Thank you WiiFitMama but yes, they’re the textbooks which she already has. I’m wondering if they’ve not done any. I guess the publishers have focussed on study guides for the GCSEs as there’s not many taking igcse.

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