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Which union for TAs?

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LaceandChintz Sun 22-Jul-18 14:39:32

Starting as a TA in September and guess I should join a union. I think Unison, or is there another I should look at?
TIA smile

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BackforGood Thu 26-Jul-18 23:51:18

Either Unison (which I think is the biggest / most popular) or GMB seem to be the ones TAs I know, are in.

HarrietSchulenberg Fri 27-Jul-18 00:07:25

Unison is the one most of us are in, and at about £6/mth straight from salary source they're good value, should you ever need to use them.

thefishwhocouldwish Fri 27-Jul-18 01:38:21

TAs can join the NEU as well thanks to ATL's legacy of including admin and support staff, not just teachers.

Leatherboundanddown Fri 27-Jul-18 01:43:50

Unison were always good for me.

LaceandChintz Fri 27-Jul-18 08:02:13

Thanks all!

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MaisyPops Fri 27-Jul-18 08:04:22

Unison is the the one most TAs I know are in.

Pengweng Fri 27-Jul-18 09:52:24

Unison is bloody shite. At least the branch i belong to is. Never answer their phone, don't respond to emails and don't actually know what your legal entitlement is. Waste of bloody £10 a month. I complained about the lack of support and got nowhere. Wouldn't recommend them to anyone who works in the NorthWest.

I switched to the NEU.

catherinedevalois Sat 28-Jul-18 17:06:03

If you join the NEU they are offering a rate of £10 total subs for the first year. We had a rep come in last month and I joined but am in two minds whether a teaching union is any better for us. Yes, they are 100% education unlike GMB and Unison but our Ts &Cs are so unlike teachers that I wonder if we will get a good deal. I asked the rep if we would be expected to strike if our teachers did and his answer was it was unlikely they would strike! Also I asked if NEU have any proposals in the pipeline for lobbying for national rates/standards etc but it didn't seem one of their priorities. None of the emails/communications I have had from them in the past month has mentioned TAs at all but I will stay for the year and then see if £10 a month is worth it.

WilburIsSomePig Sat 28-Jul-18 19:22:12

Most in my school are in GMB.

bananasandwicheseveryday Sat 28-Jul-18 19:30:10

We are in Unison, And frankly, locally they are rubbish. No local branch number to call, when you email they don't get back to you in a timely manner (took them o we a fortnight last time I needed advice) and when they do finally get back to you, they never offer any practical advice at all. I've also sat on disciplinary panels (school governor) And have been appalled at the union representation - frankly, they have usually made the situation worse, rather than better. I continue with them just because I will have access to legal advice in the unlikely event I ever need it.
I get the impression they are only really interested in high profile stuff, not the individual issues that arise. If there was a union just for TA's or education workers, I'd give them a go.

Idontmeanto Sun 05-Aug-18 21:47:17

I’ve never needed to use them but I was in Voice as a TA and stayed with them as I trained and beyond. I liked their non-striking stance, although recent D of E policy is now making me question that.

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