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how do you wind down at the start of the holidays?

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rainbowfudgee Sat 21-Jul-18 14:01:18

Like all of us I'm overtired, have had an extremely emotional and busy week and feel shattered. I'm struggling to relax and sleep. Nice ideas for settling in to the holidays, anyone? I have 2 DCS 8 and 4 who are with me all through the holidays. This is not a moan- I'm grateful for my time off but feel a bit odd today! Thanks

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LadyPeacock Sat 21-Jul-18 14:04:38

I feel the same. I am just about to go for an afternoon nap, but I'm not sure I'll actually make it to sleep. If not then I might go for a quiet walk.

DH is wrangling DS for the weekend.

rainbowfudgee Sat 21-Jul-18 14:15:34

Hmm I did go for anow afternoon nap and just dropped off when DD8 woke me asking a pointless question about socks. I was not happy particularly as I'd explained I've got a headache and please ask your dad if you need anything, I'm going for a lie down...he's taken them out now luckily. I did breakfast, took them to swimming lessons and to the park and made their lunch so it's his turn to entertain them now!

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TheSorrowfulWife Sat 21-Jul-18 14:17:51

Very long time lurker here, de-lurking to say I totally get it. Been a very hard term/year and I feel a bit odd today. Can't settle or focus on anything much. Have pottered about a bit, watched nonsense telly, put washing in etc. Finding it difficult to switch off, I guess.

MaisyPops Sat 21-Jul-18 14:20:54

I blitz the house on the first weekend and then go into school for the first day or 2 to get cleared out and set up for September. It sounds mad but I find it really therapeutic and calming to know I can switch off.

rainbowfudgee Sat 21-Jul-18 14:26:00

Glad it's not just me. I'm going in to school on Monday to sort out the classroom. Think I've got another virus and just feel wrung out and off kilter. I'm thinking a comfort food dinner might help.

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SureIusedtobetaller Sat 21-Jul-18 14:27:39

Always sleep for hours then go in the first week to get set up. I feel more relaxed once that’s done.
Always takes a while to settle into it I think. Summer term is so full on it’s like you can’t just stop dead!

elephantoverthehill Sat 21-Jul-18 15:35:55

I attacked an overgrown bush in the back garden, now I am chopping up the bits and getting them to the compost heap. Physical labour for me, very therapeutic, and not having to use any brain cells. Tesco, well it has to be done, and then a swim in the sea. Bliss.

Cauliflowershower Sat 21-Jul-18 15:37:45

I assume you’ve tried wine?

SJCV Sat 21-Jul-18 16:35:35

I’m on my third rhubarb gin 😂. I’m heading in on Monday to finish off setting up/planning and then I am hoping not to think about school until we are back (I’m keeping the same children and room, so I’ve lots less prep to do than usual).

LockedOutOfMN Sat 21-Jul-18 16:37:14

Go away immediately on holiday, with loads of good books.

LadyPeacock Sat 21-Jul-18 17:00:24

I just can't go straight on holiday. It makes the holiday feel like just another 'get through it' hassle. I have to leave at least a week.

I've had a 2hr nap, been to the shop and bought trifle for dinner and now I've got my music on. DH having taken DS away for the weekend is really helping. I've got 24hrs in an empty house- bliss.

rainbowfudgee Sat 21-Jul-18 18:29:21

I'm feeling much better now - thanks for all the suggestions. Things which helped were:

Going back to bed for a 2 hour nap

Hoovering and mopping the floors aggressively and then having a shower

Retail therapy- bought myself a couple of nice things online

Planning a couple of days out for next week

Chilled glass of wine in the garden.

When DH comes home with the DCS I'll hopefully be better company!

Happy holidays to all the teachers and support staff here!

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PumpkinPie2016 Sat 21-Jul-18 18:58:46

I finished in Thursday and early this morning we have some on holiday to Cornwall smile

So I am currently sat in a lovely cottage in a beautiful location feeling very chilled. Went for a short cliff path walk and had dinner in a lovely pub. Once ds is in bed plan is to start reading my new book and drink prosecco!

I used to leave a week or so between finishing and going on holiday but I could never switch off and ended up going away mega stressed. This way, I am forced to relax which is much needed.

I hope you find some nice days to chill over the next few days grin

profpoopsnagle Sat 21-Jul-18 19:31:40

This year I've felt the worst stress-wise, right up to the end. Started to feel better today, but I'm really having to watch myself.

What works for me, is to try and remain quite busy and bring the business down day by day in the first week The difference is that I can choose the jobs and when I have a cup of tea! So today I have cleaned the fridge and blitzed one of the DC's rooms. I have a list of similar things to get through during the first week, some also to do with school.

Then from week 2-5- zilch work. Minimum housework, going on holiday and resting.

week 6, start to think about gearing up again, so spend a morning in school, prep the home/kids for the return.

rainbowfudgee Sat 21-Jul-18 20:21:33

Yes proppoopsnagle I'm quite an all -or -nothing type person, so I swing from hyper, high achieving, getting loads done to crashing and feeling exhausted. Your strategy of bringing yourself down gently is great. I spent some real quality time with my DCS this evening after DH brought them home. I was fresh and ready to engage with them after a break. It's much easier to decompress on my own than with them here asking for snacks and whining about xyz because they are tired!

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Youcantscaremeihavechildren Sat 21-Jul-18 20:31:22

I can't totally rate to this. I have suffered with anxiety in the past and overthinking, not be g able switch off have been big problems. I'm still doing the playing con ersations over in my head thing from this past week which professionally and personally have been horribly stressful. I'm planning a run first thing tomorrow then a good sort out of clothes etc for me and the dc. Then a few charity shop runs, cleaning, anything to keep but feel like I'm getting things ready for the year ahead. Will go back to planning and thinking about work again but not for a while. Oh and gin. And wine.

DandelionAndBedrock Sat 21-Jul-18 20:34:41

I find having a bath in the morning helps. It doesn’t have to be a long candlelit soak, but there is something so luxurious about it, even if it isn’t much longer than a shower.

Yes yes to chipping away at housework. Mine always goes tits up in the last week of term, about to have a gin and write a to do list.

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