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Room advice!

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pht Sat 21-Jul-18 13:07:51

Next term I will mostly be teaching interventions in a cupboard! Very small white box room, some windows that don't open, table, chairs, low cuboard and a tiny notice board. And that's it! Looking for ideas about making it a softer, more cosy and less minimalist space please!

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PurplePhotoFrame Sat 21-Jul-18 14:29:24

If it's interventions a very clean and minimalist space might be better- less distractions. I wouldn't go overboard with the danglies, fairy lights and beanbags!

pht Mon 23-Jul-18 19:58:38

Thank you Purple, I know what you mean but it's like an ice cube in there! Well not right at the moment obviously...

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BackforGood Thu 26-Jul-18 23:56:29

Ah <Fondly remembers the days of having a "room" that had been a toilet the previous year. No electric sockets.... somewhat 'sterile' environment >

pht Sun 29-Jul-18 17:00:59

Freezing in winter, boiling in summer, a place for dirty mugs to be left when I'm not there...

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BoxsetsAndPopcorn Sun 29-Jul-18 20:46:29

Have you got a budget or self funding? Is there no way of heating in winter?

Apple23 Sun 29-Jul-18 22:24:59

Looking for ideas about making it a softer, more cosy and less minimalist space please!

Drapes, a mat, cushions for the chairs and plants to "soften" the room. Put a sign on the door identifying it as your room and remove anything being "stored" there so it is clearly a teaching space and not a cupboard, to stop the coffee cup dumping.

Insist on heating and the non-opening windows to be fixed. Put a thermometer in the room if you need to make the point. If the room has previously been a cupboard, is it on the cleaner's run? Have you got sufficient plug sockets, good lighting and a whiteboard?

pickingdaisies Sun 29-Jul-18 22:59:48

Interesting storage for your intervention materials. Baskets, canvas cubes or carriers etc that can sit on top of the cupboard. Calendar eg springwatch blutacked o wall

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