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Retraining as primary school teacher

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Chocolate1756 Thu 19-Jul-18 14:43:57

Hi, I’m looking for some advice about retraining as a mature student/career changer. Do you know whether it is possible to complete the training part time? I have bills to pay so wouldn’t want to leave work completely while I retrain if possible. Alternatively are there any other options? Is it possible to secure a job as a primary school teacher and train on the job so to speak? For info - I have a degree.

Any other tips?

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chocoshopoholic Thu 19-Jul-18 17:53:11

There are school direct salaried and teacher apprenticeships available, which do pay a wage whilst you train.

However, the competition is fierce for them, so only the strongest candidates tend to be successful and I've noticed far fewer available this year than previous years due to budget challenges in schools.

deary Thu 19-Jul-18 18:44:31

I did this. I got a student loan, bursary and tax credits. I cannot see how you could manage to carry on working at another job. Teaching isn't just a job; it is a way of life!

Chocolate1756 Thu 19-Jul-18 18:48:33

Thanks both smile
Deary, how did you find getting employment afterwards?

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chocoshopoholic Thu 19-Jul-18 19:01:23

Did you train a few years ago deary? The bursaries were scrapped for 2017 entry for primary teaching and remain absent for 2018 entry. There has not yet been an announcement on bursary availability for 2019 entry (expected in September 18 for 2019 start).

Student loans are available for tuition fees and the maintainance loan is as for undergraduates and dependent on your household income.

The tax credit / universal credit guidance from the NUS is here:

Chocolate1756 Thu 19-Jul-18 19:41:00

Thanks smile it all sounds so daunting. Education is so expensive in this country sad it shouldn’t be this hard.

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Chocolate1756 Thu 19-Jul-18 19:41:55

I think I will look into salaried route. It’s really my only option if can’t study part time.

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thefishwhocouldwish Thu 19-Jul-18 20:35:19

It also depends on your degree. It is in a National Curriculum subject? What class is it? If courses are oversubscribed, competition is fierce.

Also, what experience do you have of working in schools?

Appuskidu Thu 19-Jul-18 20:37:04

Nooo, don’t do it grin.

Gremlin78 Thu 19-Jul-18 22:19:06

I'm starting a salaried SCITT programme in September. I've worked at the school as a TA. They recruit graduate TAs specifically to go in and train as teachers, though I've been working there for a few years before I decided to go for it. My head teacher 'sponsored' me for the interview so I have been lucky to get a salaried training place. I don't need to take any loans as my husband works and I'm being being paid as an unqualified teacher, though a big proportion of my salary will go on childcare. I would recommend working as a TA first, in a school that is looking for potential trainee teachers, it could make a big difference to your income/outgoings as well as clarifying that it's the vocation for you (we have had TAs be accepted on to their training place and then pull out as the TA year goes on which is better than after the training begins!)
Good luck!

Chocolate1756 Fri 20-Jul-18 07:29:17

Thanks everyone for your advice smile

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LemonsLemonsLemonsLemons Fri 20-Jul-18 18:22:10

Hi @Chocolate, you could apply via the Teach First program. You’re paid step 2 on the unqualified teacher pay scale the first year, and then go to the qualified pay scale the next year. You’re working and have your own class from day one, alongside getting your qualification. Tough but manageable, and lots of career changers go down this route. Good luck!

jellyfrizz Fri 20-Jul-18 23:36:04

I think it’s this: he heard about.

I couldn’t recommend teaching in England, it’s a great job elsewhere (I’ve taught in two other countries) but unless he loves pointless, needless admin don’t do it.

jellyfrizz Fri 20-Jul-18 23:39:11

Oops, wrong thread. Should have been in DH thinking of teaching one. It’s lateblush.

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