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What class do you have next year? Same year group? Moving up or down? Looking forward to it (or not)?

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DrMadelineMaxwell Sun 01-Jul-18 19:20:31

Is it a case of same old, same old or pastures new?

I'm changing year group and looking forward to it after LOTS of years in my current year group.

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ThreadingEyebrows Sun 01-Jul-18 19:57:23

I'm going back to Reception. Normally I would be excited but we have a lot of additional needs and only one TA, who will in all likelihood end up being 1-1.

cloudyweewee Mon 02-Jul-18 06:58:05

We get moved every 3 years. I'might moving from Y2 to Y4 and am very glad about it. Especially as Y2 will be moderated next year! I've been teaching for 30 years and have never had Y4 before so I'm really looking forward to it.

FionnaMAC Mon 02-Jul-18 07:55:39

How do people feel about getting moved? I've just been told I'm moving to a year group that I've stated, in the past, I didn't want to teach. No discussion, just told me I'm there.

I've told them I'll be looking at other jobs if this is the case. AIBU?

OiWhoTookTheGoodNames Mon 02-Jul-18 09:52:43

Awww cloudy I'm kinda jealous - I loved year 4 when I was teaching. Just that balance between being independent but still being able to give into their kid side is lovely with that year group! Y1 and Y4 are probably my fave year groups to have.

Littlewhistle Mon 02-Jul-18 16:28:59

We are very lucky. In about April, our HT sends round a list with the different classes for next year and we put 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices down. She accommodates these as far as possible and never moves anyone if they haven't asked. Any new staff or NQTs are fitted in where there's a space. I have same stage again next year.

ThreadingEyebrows Mon 02-Jul-18 17:06:56

It totally depends on the school. If we give some classes to a NQT or a new member of staff who hasn't had experience in a deprived area, it's not going to go well and that's putting it mildly.

I'm afraid I've no time for teachers who don't 'do' a certain stage... you can't please everyone all the time.

cloudyweewee Mon 02-Jul-18 17:54:05

I just pray I'm never put in Nursery or Reception but would be open to any other year group

PumpkinPie2016 Mon 02-Jul-18 18:05:09

Slightly different as I am secondary but I know I am keeping my current year 10 glad into year 11 and year 12 into year 13. Those were my main preferences so I am happy about that.

I have a mix of other classes too which I like.

These days, I'm honestly not fussed what I teach.

Littlelambpeep Mon 02-Jul-18 18:10:09

Staying in the same class / have a parent I am very concerned about though. Not looking forward to it really but I will put in 100 percent as I always do.

Looking forward to new challenges / keeling an open mind about a career change after two decades in teaching.

Neverstopdreaming Mon 02-Jul-18 19:06:57

I’m off to Nursery after a few years in Reception and I can’t wait! Haven’t taught in Nursery before so it’s a new adventure for me.

OpiningGambit Mon 02-Jul-18 20:37:13

I'm going from Y4 to Y5. Different class, although because we do ability groups for maths I'll teach some of the same ones. I'm looking forward to a change as the third year in Y4 was frankly a bit boring! No idea which classroom yet, as we're having building work done so might all be moving around. I'm excited to move classrooms - I really hope they don't keep me in the same one!

We don't have enforced moving/staying at my school. Someone's been in Y3 for four years, someone else is moving after just one. But our preferences are taken into account, and they'll meet with you to discuss it if they aren't able to do your choice.

DrMadelineMaxwell Mon 02-Jul-18 22:08:32

I've had 9 years in year 4! I do like that year group, but when the boss asked me if I would consider moving, I told him I was ready for a change as I was a bit bored.

Before that I had 10 years in year 5 and really liked that year group too. I'm up to year 6 for the first time in a looooong time. And it's the first time I'm teaching a class of only y6s as the last time I was in upper KS2 I had a mixed age class.

We don't seem to have much movement between the stages.

I'm looking forward to the new topics and the different ability levels. And teaching next year's kids.

However, the year group I'm in now has been a challenging one and I'll be teaching some of those kids again in 2 years, so I'm not looking forward to that.

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Fizzyhedgehog Tue 03-Jul-18 06:29:30

I'm keeping my mixed-age class, although we've lost eleven (3 Year 1s and 8 Year 4s) and will gain 5 new Year 1s.
We don't have nursery or reception classes, year 1 is the first year of primary...and Year 4 is the last before they move to secondary.

Sukistjames Tue 03-Jul-18 06:57:20

After 11 of ks1 I'm going to be a Hlta in 3/4!
I'm so excited for the change and can't wait to get started! smile

WowLookAtYou Fri 06-Jul-18 18:45:17

My 'comfort zone' in terms of age range is yr5-6, but I've been in yr 4 for a few years now. Happy to stay for another year, as the team around me is changing.
I've had the class with the repetition for being 'the class from hell' this year, but have actually loved them. Bunch of fruitcakes, most of them, but very entertaining! It's been interesting watching everyone in the year above me falling over themselves rushing to get out of year 5, where this bunch are headed.

ProperLavs Fri 06-Jul-18 18:55:14

7 years in year 6- wanted a change but at the same time felt comfortable knowing the territory. Just found out I'm having year 3 next year. Pleased but sad at the same time.

LartenCrepsley Fri 06-Jul-18 19:26:58

I moved to year 3 last year (with an exceptionally challenging class), so I’m staying where I am next year. The class I have coming through I had last year and adored them. I can’t wait to actually enjoy teaching again.

KingscoteStaff Sat 07-Jul-18 10:39:07

Staying in Year 6. No one else will touch it with a barge pole...

careerchange456 Sat 07-Jul-18 14:09:03

Year 2! smile Really looking forward to it but just need to get my head around the assessment side of things.

DrMadelineMaxwell Sat 07-Jul-18 21:11:22

The year I've had has been the most challenging that I've ever had. I'm also looking forward to being able to 'just teach' next year with the lovely class I'm inheriting.

I am fully aware that when I've got into y6 that I'll be unlikely to get out again for ages as noone else wants to touch that one with a barge pole. The current teacher has been asking to get out for years!

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suze28 Sat 07-Jul-18 21:16:14

I'm staying in Year 4 for the second year running and am very pleased about it. I do have to swap classrooms though which is a bit of a pain but it's a good excuse to have a sort out.

OliviaBonas Sat 07-Jul-18 21:21:02

I got put in a year group I really didn’t want to do and I started applying for new jobs immediately. I was in total despair when it happened but now I’ve got my dream job.

cece Sat 07-Jul-18 22:05:15

I don't have a class next year. I'm covering release time for SLT teachers. Part time and my job share is leaving. So I've got year 6, 2 and reception.

ninnypoo Sun 08-Jul-18 14:06:10

4th year in Reception for me (2nd at new school) but am moving sites. Am really excited as it's best of both worlds- shared planning and resources of a big 4 form entry school but I'll be on a 1 form entry site so have more freedom and flexibility

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