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What do teachers actually want as an end of year gift?

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Lollyice Tue 26-Jun-18 19:24:43

Just that really. Dd's male teacher, year 1, has been fantastic and gifts seem to be the done thing at the school.
He gave all the class a Christmas gift and I sent a voucher for Costa from DD.
What would you genuinely appreciate, am thinking probably not another best teacher coaster with a picture of an apple.

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tinytemper66 Tue 26-Jun-18 19:26:21

A nice bottle of wine 🍷 or 🍺 and a card signed by your child. Or even a card in its own.

GreatDuckCookery6211 Tue 26-Jun-18 19:26:34


With a nice handwritten card.

Shiklah Tue 26-Jun-18 19:28:40

Something handwritten saying thank you. I tend to do a Moleskin notebook and let DC write a thank you note and do a picture on 2 pages at the front.

Lollyice Tue 26-Jun-18 19:31:13

Ooh, nice ideas, dd loves writing so will incorporate a nicely written thank you note.

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SkeletonSkins Tue 26-Jun-18 19:31:21

Write to the head praising him and cc him in or send him a copy too.

Amazon vouchers are good also.

MeanTangerine Tue 26-Jun-18 19:32:28


socktastic Tue 26-Jun-18 19:33:12

The most special gifts I've ever had as a teacher are homemade items such as cards, crafts etc. They come from the child and when I see them (I am a bit of a squirrel) it makes me think of the child and smile.
Failing that a lovely bottle of wine is always most welcome.
However, you should never feel an obligation to give us presents (of course we love them, who wouldnt) but never feel like you have to.

FairfaxAikman Tue 26-Jun-18 19:33:51

I'd go for vouchers of some sort.

My MIL always gets loads of chocolate but she's diabetic so it all gets given away.

Munxx Tue 26-Jun-18 19:35:32

He will most likely get a lot of homemade gifts or 'best teacher' things- to that end I really like a beautiful homemade card and note. I would avoid the chocolate route unless you happen to know the teacher's favourite as depending on the size of the class that is a lot of sugar!
Joking aside you really can't go wrong with a bottle of wine or a few nice beers with a heartfelt note.

mamma2016 Tue 26-Jun-18 19:36:59

The best gift is always the words in cards. It makes it all worthwhile and means far more than gifts.

Second to that, I've had parents club together and get a voucher between them. That was lovely too.

ProfessorMoody Tue 26-Jun-18 19:38:37

Never alcohol unless you're certain they drink.

I love receiving personalised gifts, handwritten cards and letters from the children and stationery smile

OohOohMrPeevly Tue 26-Jun-18 19:40:59

I always give a framed photo of my child and the teachers have always appeared to be delighted with it when I've asked them if they liked it.

SmartyPants0 Tue 26-Jun-18 19:41:56

Something useful
Photo frame... get your daughter to draw a portrait of him to put in... or
A mug... get your daughter to draw a picture of him on it (look up pintrest with sharpies)
Voucher for a meal or Costa depending on how much you'd like to spend

ReservoirDogs Tue 26-Jun-18 19:45:50

My teacher friend says please no more mugs!!

3dogsandcounting Tue 26-Jun-18 19:46:10

MrPeevly we do exactly the same as you and it’s always well received. One year we gave a framed full family photograph and again the teacher was delighted.

Lollyice Tue 26-Jun-18 19:46:56

SmartyPants0 I like the mug idea! smile and I will message the headteacher too SkeletonSkins

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neddle Tue 26-Jun-18 19:47:04

Not everyone drinks - I'd be disappointed with a bottle of wine.
Framed photo of your child - photo in bin probably.

gamerchick Tue 26-Jun-18 19:47:31

I always give a framed photo of my child and the teachers have always appeared to be delighted with it when I've asked them if they liked it

You don't, do you? Or do you mean a nice frame they can reuse with a picture saying who it's from?

I'm looking for nice presents for the most awesome school in the world but need a few presents because he's leaving.

Can't think of anything that expresses how much I appreciate what they've done though. I'm thinking boxes of muffins atm. hmm

AppleKatie Tue 26-Jun-18 19:49:24

You did it perfectly at Christmas OP. So lovely thank you note and more costa vouchers will make you the present winner of the year!

Don’t buy a mug or a key ring or any other ‘tat’. It’s a waste of your hard earned money. A good test is thinking ‘would I like this?’ ‘Would I like 30 of this?’ Teachers are people too 😃

gamerchick Tue 26-Jun-18 19:49:42

MrPeevly we do exactly the same as you and it’s always well received. One year we gave a framed full family photograph and again the teacher was delighted

People really do grin

Ah that's properly cheered me up man grin

Anoisagusaris Tue 26-Jun-18 19:50:17

A framed family photo??? Why on earth would any teacher want that?

AppleKatie Tue 26-Jun-18 19:50:39

shock at the framed photos of kids? What do you imagine the teacher does with it? Puts them on a special wall in the house? Hall of fame style 😂

Anoisagusaris Tue 26-Jun-18 19:54:57

I was thinking of getting the travel size (30ml) L’occitane hand creams for our teachers this year? Crap idea or ok? I know one doesn’t drink or I’d get wine.

Nishky Tue 26-Jun-18 19:55:26

We bought a teacher restaurant vouchers after a class whip round ( year 6 ). Unfortunately a couple of the parents were in the restaurant when he decided to use them

Oh yes and we bought vouchers for a local pub and apparently he was having a pint within a few hours of the end of school on the last day!

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