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6th form hoy interview - help!

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StrongerThanIThought76 Tue 26-Jun-18 18:04:33

Just applied for and been offered an interview for 6th form HoY job. Huge field, several interviewees.

Life has dictated that for the last few years I step out of full time responsibilities at work so have been doing cover. LOTS of SLT support, lots of involvement in stuff around school (teaching and office/pastoral support, extra-curricular etc). I tick all of the boxes except experience in the role as I've never been in the role before. Previous work experience in finance/actual real life and plenty of years life experience under the belt too.

6th form obvs quite different to main school, any tips for interview?

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Piggywaspushed Tue 26-Jun-18 18:23:33

I have found with sixth form roles there is a lot of focus on you knowing about life after school _ UCAS etc and also on performance measures and option choices . Much more so that, say , a HOY in year 10.

They will probably pay lip service to anxiety and wellbeing in interview. But do look into financial implications of sixth form funding : they'll want to know you know about the difficulties facing schools , especially if yours has a large sixth form.

I would suggest in interview you don't say schools aren't 'real life' (sorry : I interview and it grinds my gears; we , more than so many professions deal with real life and real people!)

Good Luck!

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