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Level 5 dyslexia course recommendations please

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Heartshapedfairylights Fri 22-Jun-18 21:58:46

Has anyone completed a level 5 dyslexia course to become a specialist teacher?

Any recommendations for online courses? I’ve looked at the Dyslexia Action one but wondered if anyone has first hand experience?


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Woodenhillmum Sun 24-Jun-18 07:32:10

Not level 5 but level 7 assessing and teaching ( dyslexia) .Did this a few years back when it was being sponsored so no fees ,part time over two years while teaching .Found it extremely interesting and lots went on to be specialist teachers / assessors. I support/ assess/ train other staff in school .

Heartshapedfairylights Sun 24-Jun-18 22:22:48

Thank you Woodenhill. That’s good to hear. There’s a real gap in knowledge at my school. I’m hoping to get funded. Fingers crossed!

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