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Supply - agency or direct?

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Tarrarra Sun 17-Jun-18 19:07:43

I am finishing my PGCE in a few weeks and as yet haven't secured a job for September. I held out for a position I knew was coming up and really wanted, but wasn't successful.

I know jobs may be coming up, but it's looking less likely as we near the end of term so I am thinking of doing supply work for a while. I've kind of come to terms with missing out on lots of opportunities, and stopped kicking myself for putting all my eggs in one basket!

I will register with an agency, but is it worthwhile speaking directly to schools as well?

Any supply advice welcome! Thank you.

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superram Sun 17-Jun-18 19:10:02

Look on the tes, agencies are costing schools thousands.

Passportto Sun 17-Jun-18 19:15:11

Imo, registering with an agency is quite risky if you're looking for a permanent job.

We have a supply science teacher atm (gold dust) and she's very good. We are likely to have a vacancy in the next few months due to an ill health retirement(she's currently covering the absence). We'd love to keep her but the agency fee is 20% of the annual salary agreed and we won't pay it unless we really have to, so she won't get the job unless we really can't find someone else.

Tarrarra Sun 17-Jun-18 19:19:28

I'm primary trained. Is it worth speaking to the schools and asking to register as bank staff then?

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SimonBridges Sun 17-Jun-18 19:25:51

I did that about 10 years ago.

I wrote to all the schools I could reasonable travel to and asked if I could go on their supply list and if I could come and visit them too. I explained that I was an NQT and was happy with anything from nursery to 6.
I was getting work about 4 days a week. Most of it was regular covering for PPA and pre booked covering for courses.
It was great as I got a flavour for the schools and got to know the staff. It also meant that I got to see lots of different styles of planning, classroom management etc.

The only thing that you might need to think about is that I was already on the county payroll which made it easier and this was before academies so I don’t know if that makes a difference.

Passportto Sun 17-Jun-18 19:25:54

I expect it's different in different parts of the country but my experience at a very"nice" infant school that historically found recruitment easy leads me to believe that in the current market you'll have found something by September. If not, you can register with agencies then.

The problem if you register now, is that the agency will send your CV to every school that advertises in your area and will argue that they are due their introduction fee, even if you'd seen the ad and applied independently.

SheStoodInTheStorm Sun 17-Jun-18 19:28:32

I didn't get my job until end of June or possibly mid July? Don't give up yet smile

ThisIsNotARealAvo Sun 17-Jun-18 19:51:36

I agree wait until September to register. I'm sure you will find something. Some vacancies will only be getting advertised now as people will have resigned at half term and heads will have an idea of who they need.

Tarrarra Sun 17-Jun-18 20:57:22

Thanks all - some heartening replies. I really do hope that something will come up before September, but I'm not averse to supplying so will get a CV done to circulate later in July just in case!

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