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disillusionedteacher Sun 17-Jun-18 15:44:29

I have an interview coming up this week in the school I've been temping in for the past year. There are 5 temporary teachers and 3 jobs available and they are being filled internally.

I have worked really hard this year and have made a good impression but I am so worried I will cock the interview up. I've been nervous for a week already so can't imagine what I will be like come Thursday. I really want one of these jobs as I have literally loved every day working there, something which is hard to come by in teaching these days!

It will just be a panel interview with the board of governors (NI primary school). Can anyone help settle my nerves and give me some help and advice to get me through this interview?

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disillusionedteacher Sun 17-Jun-18 19:47:10

Hopeful bump!

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HaveAWeeNap Mon 18-Jun-18 23:02:20

Good luck! Have you asked advice from anybody in your department?
Make yourself some flash cards on safeguarding etc.

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