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whatislionshare Mon 11-Jun-18 12:52:13

I'm currently at home looking after my 10 month old and I'll soon be moving to USA with my husband.

I won't be able to work over there for a while so I'm thinking about something mobile and flexible like online tutoring.

I'm a secondary teacher of art/dt (5 years) and have also done part time tutoring English/maths/science to esl children.

Does anyone have experience of tutoring English online? Or sites you can recommend?


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Porsmork84 Wed 13-Jun-18 18:14:41

I have been working for a company for a couple of months that teaches English to kids in China. I'm really enjoying it. Hours are great for UK time (start at 10am), but for the US you'd be doing very early mornings! It pays OK. Happy to answer any more questions, but may be better via PM. X

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